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Office Furniture Used For Sale In Houston, Texas
March 10, 2015

Used Office Furniture

Used furniture might not sound glamorous, but it comes with several benefits that are worth thinking about. It's a smart decision that makes the most sense for a wide range of businesses.

Maybe your budget is tight, or perhaps you need a few pieces to bridge an expansion or tide the office over until you're ready for a total overhaul. Every office has its own motivation for thinking about used furniture, and here are 5 more reasons to help you decide whether it's right for you:

#1: You'll Save a Lot of Money
Perhaps the most important, and most obvious, reason to buy used office furniture is to flex your budget-savvy muscles and save money on one or two pieces or a whole office full of furniture. The cost difference between new and used might shock you.

When you buy used, the savings might be eaten up in hiring a third-party installation crew. But when you buy from Cubiture, you won't have to worry about that. We offer the same services to all customers, whether your budget is large or small.

#2: Consider it One of the Three Rs
Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the three pillars of the eco-friendly movement. And while a lot of offices focus on being Earth friendly by recycling paper and plastics, one of the most obvious ways is often overlooked. When you reuse an item that already exists, you won't contribute anything to a manufacturing process and you'll do your part to ease the burden on landfills.

Some new office furniture is relatively Earth-friendly. Some pieces have fabric dyes that won't off-gas, and some use recycled plastics and metals. But buying used furniture means zero additional resources are necessary, and no factory efforts are needed to melt down plastics and metals to make something new.

#3: Used Doesn't Have to Mean Broken
You're taking a fairly big risk, buying used office furniture from a classified ad. But when you buy it from a dealer, you'll have a much better idea of what you're getting. The last thing you need is to install your furniture and find out too late that some parts are broken or ready to break.

Used furniture can sometimes mean it's not worth the cost. But used pieces from a dealer such as Cubiture are a value. You'll know what you're buying before you make the commitment. And if there is something that's amiss with a chair or a desk, chances are it can be repaired properly before it's installed.

#4: Used Office Furniture Can be Refurbished
You might not realize it, but used cubicles, desks, chairs, and other office pieces can be refurbished, which means they will look like new. The refurbishing process takes a used piece, strips away what doesn't function well or look nice, and replaces those elements with new materials.

A chair with a stain can be reupholstered. A laminate desk that's scratched can have a whole new surface applied. Once a refurbished piece is finished, you'll never know that it isn't straight from the showroom floor.

#5: It's a Great Way to Start a Business
Startup costs for any business can be overwhelming. And adding office furniture to the growing stack of expenses might make you wonder whether you can swing it at all. That's where used furniture really shines.

Cubiture can help you outfit a fledgling business with used furniture that looks and works great, and keeps your costs low. Later on, you can think about refurbishing or even buying all new furniture.

Used office furniture doesn't mean that it's dirty, broken-down, or poorly made. It only means that it had a different home someplace else. It's not like buying a used easy chair at a flea market.

Let Cubiture help you find the right used furniture for your office. We'll help with complimentary space planning, and the installation and service afterward are top notch.

Call us today for a FREE quote & office layout design CAD drawing at 713-412-0900.

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