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High Density Storage Sales, Installation, Design, Relocation & Moving Services Houston, Texas
April 29, 2015
High Density Storage Sales, Installation, Design, Relocation & Moving Services Houston, Texas

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High Density Storage Solutions

While some offices try to cut back on paper, many businesses can't operate without it. For example, while an interior design office might have digital drawings, accessible hard copies are also important. Where there's a lot of paper, there's obviously the need to store it. That's where high-density storage comes in.

You have several choices in high-density storage from Cubiture. Here are some of the many options to think about that let you find exactly the right combination for your office:

Design the Perfect System from the Ground Up
To begin, think about whether you need a starter setup or a full-fledged system. You can usually build on either, so once you know how much storage you want right now, then you can move to the next phase. Cubiture's space planning experts help you determine what will work best with the square footage you've got.

There are many different styles, colors, and features. One of the first choices is whether you need cabinets to move. A stationary system is just what it sounds like – it's fixed in one spot. But one that slides or rotates might be a better choice because they can often store more in one area. You'll also want to pick either lateral or vertical cabinets. Vertical saves some money, but lateral styles let you see the entire contents of the cabinet at once.

Choose the Right Materials and Components
After you decide on the size and style of storage that you need, you can settle on construction materials. Durable steel is common, and comes in a wide range of powder-coat paint colors. There's also a choice of laminate facades and woodgrain.

Next come the components. Cubiture can help with this, too. For example, with a sliding system, you'll need tracks in either reinforced steel or aluminum, both of which have leveling glides, bear the weight of all of your paperwork, and let you slide the cabinets easily. Another choice is whether to use fixed or adjustable shelves. Adjustable shelves let you customize, but fixed shelves are more durable.

Personalize Features for Your Office
High-density storage has lots of features, some that you'll want and others that you won't need. An anti-tip mechanism helps these large filing systems stay stable. And if yours is a medical office, HIPPA-compliant features help you meet those guidelines and keep files private.

If being Earth friendly is important for your business, look for components that have a low carbon footprint, such as aluminum, some powder coat paints, and recycled materials. You can also choose from legal and letter-size file capacity, or a mix of the two. Other features include special locks and fireproof design.

A high-density filing system isn't cheap, but for an office that needs one, it's invaluable. And if you can't decide on any single style or set of components, that's fine, too. We can design storage that blends what you need into one system.

Cubiture can help you through every stage of choosing your high density storage. Call us today at 713-412-0900 for a free quote. Our complimentary space planning reveals the most efficient layout. And with the wide range of styles and materials, you'll find a system that will work with any type of business.

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