Mastering the Basics Of Home Office Furniture NDI-704

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April 7, 2015

Just because it's not in a building downtown, that doesn't mean your home office is any less worthy of home office furniture. In fact, when you treat your personal office with the same care as you would a workspace in a commercial building, chances are it will look and function better. Here's what you need to know about getting the right pieces for your home office.

Office Furniture Style That's All Your Own
Most commercial office spaces have a uniform, or at least complementary, theme throughout. But when you're buying home office furniture, any style that you like is an option. It doesn't matter if you prefer the solid, traditional look of an executive office or something that blends more with your home's decor. The beauty of buying for your home is that you can have whatever you like.

Designer pieces come in nearly every form and finish imaginable. If you like chrome and glass, natural wood, a stylishly shabby setup, or vibrant laminate colors, you'll find what you're looking for.

The pricing ranges from mid- to high-end, but if you're open to refurbished pieces, you'll save a lot of money on anything you choose. Cubiture can refurbish nearly any piece and make it look new again, to your specifications. If you want a neo-mid-mod, laminate desk in purple and lime green, you can have it.

Flexible Pieces Work Wherever You Live
Most people don't live in the same home permanently. So if you buy home office furniture that's only suited to one particular room, you might find yourself shopping again one day. But if you buy flexible pieces, the desk, filing system, and everything else will work no matter where you live or how much space you've got.

Desks don't have to be one solid piece of furniture. Many designer pieces have separate components that let you choose an arrangement that works in any space, large or small.

With an adjustable desk that works as a standing or seated workspace, your options are even bigger. Modular filing systems also give you a lot of freedom. You can stack them tall, or spread them in singles throughout the room.

Designer-Grade Finishes Hold up for Years
Perhaps one of the best assets of home office furniture is the way that it lasts. You can see and feel it in the construction, with smooth desk seams and meticulous chair upholstery.

For example, low-end chair upholstery or faux leather can look worn in under a year. And inexpensive laminate finishes can stain, scratch, and fade. High-quality, designer pieces have better materials that clean up easily and hold up to lots of use.

These quality materials are another reason why you won't have to replace designer home office furniture as soon as cheaper furniture. A flexible desk and filing system won't be of much use in a new home if it doesn't survive its first home. With better furniture, you only need to replace it if you grow tired of the style.

Home office furniture isn't just for people who telecommute and always work from home. Any home with an office, even if it's a niche under the stairs or a converted closet, works and looks better when there's more to the office furniture than just any old desk and chair.

Henry Ford famously said, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking,” and that's what Cubiture does every day. You don't need a large, commercial space to take advantage of the skills and experience of our staff. Call us today at 713-412-0900 for a free quote or stop by our showroom and learn just how great your home office can be. Contact us today.

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