What to Look for in a Mobile Filing System AU-104

What to Look for in a Mobile Filing System AU-104
April 21, 2015
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Mobile Filing Systems

No space for devoting a whole room to rows and rows of filing cabinets? No problem. A mobile filing solution might be just what you need. Although many offices are moving to digital files, hard copies still dominate in certain industries. With a mobile system, you'll save money, save space, and have all of your important files there when you need them.

A mobile system consists of upright filing cabinets set on tracks. So instead of several independent cabinets, you can slide cabinets back and forth along the tracks to access only one at a time. Your filing changes from a sea of cabinets to a more compact area.

When you're ready to make the switch to a mobile operation, here's what you need to consider:

Precise Fabrication Makes Mobility Possible
Mobile filing systems are large. Some of them, extremely so. Strength and ease of operation, often with a handle to move the cabinets, are critical. So you'll want a system that's made of durable steel and other materials that won't fail under the burden of heavy files.

The tracks that make mobile filing systems mobile should handle the weight that you need and offer fluid movement with minimum effort. Be sure to check the load capacity, as some track systems can support nearly 100,000 pounds while others are rated for much less.

Mobile Filing Saves Money Over Outside Storage
A mobile system is a major investment. Basic models with fewer cabinets might cost about $1,000 new. But when you add more cabinets and use longer tracks, you can easily spend anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000. When compared to paying a third-party secure file storage company, you'll probably save money in the long run.

Used mobile filing systems can save you money, too. Cubiture has plenty of used office furniture of all varieties. And while you might consider assembling a desk on your own, you'll definitely need Cubiture's professional installers to set up your mobile system both for safety reasons and to be sure that it works perfectly.

Cubiture Has the Mobile Solutions that You Need
You can find mobile file storage from a number of retailers. But Cubiture is different. Although mobile filing cabinets are space savers, the complimentary space planning that we offer helps you find the best spot to install them. This is important because you can't easily move the whole system to another part of the office if you don't like where it sits.

We also work with a number of office furniture manufacturers. So instead of just a few choices, you'll have several. Some are straightforward and basic, and some have beautiful wood or laminate finishes. Custom work might also be possible if you prefer a certain color or trim to match the rest of the office.

True space savers, you can configure mobile filing systems with as few or as many rows as you need. They're perfect for offices where hard copies aren't just stored, but also accessed regularly.

Mobile systems aren't something that you can buy and install on your own. So the well-rounded, professional services that Cubiture offers make a real difference. We'll help you choose the best system for your office, design the perfect layout, deliver the system, and install it. And if you ever need service after it's installed, we're only a phone call away.

To get your free quote on a mobile filing system, give us a call at 713-412-0900. Or stop by and talk with us in person at 5821 West Sam Houston Parkway North, #300, Houston, Texas 77041. We'll help you find the best system at the best price.

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