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April 14, 2015
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Modular Home Office Furniture

If you played with building blocks as a kid, then you already have a good working knowledge about modular home office furniture. Instead of a one-size-fits-all desk, standard filing cabinet, and a chair that might or might not be comfortable, modular furniture lets you pick and choose what works for you.

Even better is that you can always add more later. If you only need a few pieces today, you can come back another time to add more storage, a partition, or anything else that's compatible with the line you've chosen.

Here's why modular is the way to go, whether your home office is a spacious room to itself or only a small corner in another one.

Modular Home Office Furniture is Flexible
The biggest plus – what makes modular systems so desirable – is their near-limitless flexibility. While this is an important feature in a business office, it's just as important in your home office. It lets you choose the right scale for the space you've got.

Modular furniture helps you design and build exactly the right office for you. Maybe it's in a dedicated spare room where you can spread out into all four corners. But modular systems also help you create a well-appointed office in an otherwise undefined spot in another room.

Accessories Make it Completely Yours
Accessories are critical with modular systems, and they're a big part of what makes them modular in the first place. You have lots of different components to choose, or not, including a central desk, and extensions to alter the desk shape and size. But that's really only the beginning.

Other accessories include a variety of storage systems, drawers, and even partitions, which help you separate a freestanding office from the rest of the room, just like in a business with cubicles. With the addition of partitions, you'll get even more add-on possibilities, such as shelving and racks.

Need More Space? Modular Systems Expand
Flexibility remains central to modular design, no matter where you live or how much space you have available. Maybe today you live in a small home with only a living room corner to work with. That's fine, because modular systems can scale down to fit almost anywhere. But if you move to a larger home later, your home office can expand, too.

These adaptable furnishings can also take expansion in a different direction. If you one day need two desks, modular furniture is designed to lock together and expand as large as you like. Imagine the possibilities where one desk is customized for homework, another is built for household finances, and they link together with a panel in between. That's only one of the many ways you can create a unique, modular work space.

Home offices have come a long way. Once upon a time, dedicated office space at home was only for executives, while household business and homework were relegated to the kitchen table or a small, inconvenient writing desk.

Modular systems have changed all that. Now you can design a space any way you like, and Cubiture has all of the components that make it work.

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