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Used Office Furniture Sales
April 1, 2015

Office Furniture Sales

From Black Friday to Memorial Day and plenty of other times in between, Americans are all about saving big on seasonal sales. But how do you know when to catch the best deals on office furniture? And is timing really everything when it comes to sourcing the biggest savings when it comes to finding affordable office furniture that meets the needs of your business? Here’s what you need to know.

Timing Matters
In the most general sense, the best time to buy anything is just before the next season’s models come out. Why? Because stores need to make room for the new stuff.

This means good news for savvy consumers who are willing to wait it out. According to Consumer Reports, the best times to buy furniture are February, June and July. When it comes to scoring deals on office furniture, however, January is a particularly opportune time, according to Cheapism, because stores are eyeing entrepreneurs and other new business ventures launching at the start of the tax year.

But Timing Isn’t Everything
Just because some months are known for unusually good deals doesn’t mean you can’t hunt down awesome prices of your own throughout the rest of the year. That is, if you know where to look.

Stores with large inventories of new and used furniture are constantly offering the best around-the-calendar deals. Take Cubiture, for example: you don’t need to wait for the flip of the calendar page to save up to 80 percent at this leading Houston area discount furniture store. Why? Because Cubiture’s entire inventory is priced significantly lower than its retail competitors on any given day out of the year.

The frequent availability of deals holds particularly true when it comes to used office furniture. When organizations go out of business, consolidate, expand or remodel, they sell off their like-new condition furniture to stores like Cubiture. This means that the inventory is constantly changing. Even if you can’t find the furniture you need in Cubiture’s massive inventory, the store’s qualified professionals will work with you to find exactly what you need.

But Don’t Forget…
Some office furniture may be sold at a steep discount, but without attention to customer service, it may cost you in the end. Buying a piece of office furniture just because it’s on sale may mean it won’t suit the needs of your office, and you’ll end up either replacing it sooner or suffering lower productivity because of it. This is why FREE professional space planning is so important: it ensures that you end up with the right furniture on the very first try.

In short, while getting the best deal on furniture is a smart goal, it’s also important to keep in mind all of that factors that go into the true valuing of a piece of furniture. Stores like Cubiture offer today’s office managers the best of both worlds: an extensive, year-round inventory of new and used office furniture without having to wait months in the hopes of getting a great price.

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