7 Office Moving Tips to Save You Time, Money, and Sweat

Office Relocation Checklist
April 8, 2015

Office Moving Tips

Any move is stressful, whether it’s to a new home or a new home office. But you can do a few things before and during the move that help make the whole process a lot easier on yourself and everyone else involved. The better you plan now, the more likely you’ll be to enjoy the move, or at least not dread it.

Here are 7 office moving tips to help you avoid complications with your relocation to a new office:

#1: Keep Everyone in the Loop
You can head off a lot of confusion at the pass if you keep everyone involved with regular communication about the move‘s progress. When you have a general plan, 123 Movers explains that an update tells everyone the general time-frame, new location, and other basic details. And more communication as it comes available means no one will be left wonder what’s going on or why. It’s more efficient to send out a bulletin periodically than to email staff every time a new bit of information comes in.

#2: Coordinate With Experienced Movers
Coordinating with movers well ahead of time keeps surprises at a minimum. As soon as it’s feasible, nail down who will pack up, move, and set up the new office, what their policies are, the costs involved, and other important details. Cubiture has moved many offices, and has the experience to put your mind at ease about the whole process.

#3: Confirm the New Floor Plan
Your new floor plan will probably be a lot different from the old one. If you’re working with a space planner, such as the professionals at Cubiture, you’ll know the layout of the new office well in advance. This is another way to ward off surprises for both you and the movers, and it’s also a smart way to use the new office space efficiently. Where feasible, Real Commercial recommends naming or numbering each new space in the office. Use a label system to make spaces easy for movers to find and identify.

#4: Label Spaces, Not Contents
A box that’s labeled “Archived Files” might make perfect sense to you, but a mover will have no idea whatsoever about where the box should go. So take a tip from movers all over America, and label boxes with which room or zone they should go to in addition to what’s inside. These labels should coordinate with the named or numbered spaces in the new office. The fewer chances for guesswork, the less confusion there’ll be once you start to unpack.

#5: Empty What Needs It
Some office items should be emptied out before the move. For example, the refrigerator should be clean, whether or not you take it with you. So should waste bins. Desks might also need emptying because of all of the small, loose items such as paperclips, pens, push pins, and other little things that can slide around or get lost behind a drawer during the move.

#6: But Don’t Overpack the Office
As important as it is to clear out some things, over-packing takes up unnecessary time and creates more trips. You don’t need to remove the toner and paper from a printer, unless the mover asks you to. Similarly, filing cabinets can move as they are instead of unpacking their contents and packing them into file boxes. Just be sure to secure drawers and doors that could accidentally open using tape or by fastening their locks.

#7: Label What Won’t be Moved
You want everything to make it to the new office intact, but you also don’t want to accidentally move something that should have stayed at the old location. If that happens, you’ll probably be responsible for paying movers to take those items back. Before the movers arrive, label everything that needs to remain in the old office using a pad of sticky notes and a marker.

Cubiture knows what’s involved with office relocation projects, both large and small. We know, because we have experience in every facet of a commercial move. When you work with us, you’ll get professionals who understand everything from disassembling and packing up the old office to off-loading and reassembling your furniture and partitions at the new site.

Call Cubiture today at 713-412-0900 when you’re ready to find a new Houston office to call home. We can ease the stress and make your move something to look forward to instead of something to worry about.

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