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Cabinet Millwork
May 6, 2015

Cabinet Milwork

Cabinet millwork is a transformational tool that lets you and your office furniture designer build just the right look to complement your business. It takes a little research, lots of experimentation, and some thoughtful consideration to arrive at the right effect. But in the end, it pays off in beautifully unique cabinetry.

Here's what cabinet millwork can do for you:

Enhance the Existing Cabinet Lines

Fine office furnishings already have great bones. They hold up well to years of use. And like fine household furniture, many grow nicer with age. But with cabinet millwork, you design your own look.

Don't like the profile of the top? You can change it. Are you unimpressed with the Early American trim on an otherwise attractive cabinet? You can eradicate it and give it a whole new appearance. Cabinet millwork lets you control how every cabinet looks.

Create Your Own Classic
Furniture design is both art and skill. But even though you probably never studied either, you can still create a look that's as professional as anything from an office furniture catalog. The key is working with a pro, like the experts at Cubiture.

Cabinets are essentially boxes. Everything else is an addition. So instead of settling for the additions that someone else's taste dictated, you and your designer can try out different millwork. Add some here, take away some there, and eventually you will arrive at the look you want.

Define a New Office Style
Where the cabinet itself is a tool, millwork makes the tool better. Then combined with others in the office, the whole space takes on a certain style. What's great about that is you choose the style, not a designer whom you've never met.

A mismatched office with hodgepodge appearance might work for some businesses, but many need a homogenous look. And there are limitations when you buy ready-made pieces. Maybe you like a certain line from one manufacturer, but they only created a few pieces for it. If you create your own line, every desk, table, and cabinet echoes the look from one space to another.

Work with Millwork Experts
When you work with the cabinet millwork experts at Cubiture, you can't really make a mistake. The knowledge and experience that we bring to the table gives you the freedom to experiment with aesthetics without any fear of ruining a perfectly good cabinet in the process.

We help you choose profiles that work together, and show you the possible results before you make a commitment. It takes a bit of trial and error, but that's part of designing. And because all of the work is completed in-house, the people you talk with today will be involved with your cabinet creation tomorrow.

Some offices might not worry about the aesthetics of office cabinetry. But if it's important to you, there's one surefire way to get a look that's your own. Cabinet millwork puts you in the designer's seat. And with the help of Cubiture, the finished product will look as great as it functions.

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