Used Call Center Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas FR-545

Refurbished Call Center Cubicles
May 13, 2015
Refurbished Call Center Cubicles

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Used Call Center Cubicles For Sale

Used Call Center Cubicles might be basic, but they can still put a major dent in your office budget. And while they are a business asset, there's no need to overspend to establish efficient work stations for your whole staff. Used cubicles serve to bridge the gap between far too expensive and not quite right.

Before you decide that used office furniture isn't what you're looking for, know that there's a lot that might surprise you. You can buy as-is partitions, which save you the most money. Or you can improve on any cubicle with a wide range of new finishes and materials to create the look that you want.

Buying used is a smart, cost-effective choice. Here's what to expect:

Dimensions for Adequate Work Space
The usual dimensions for a call center cubicle fall into a range between 2-4 feet deep to 4-6 feet wide. Used cubicles have been configured in another office before, and their existing or original dimensions might not be ideal for your office. But the modular nature of partitions mean you can use the same panels to create the right size cubicles for your call center, regardless of how they were installed before.

Ergonomic Considerations
Ergonomics isn't just for certain office workers. The more repetitive in nature the work, the more important ergonomics is to the health, safety, and wellbeing of your staff. Stress-related injuries can develop from improper desk height, poor lumbar support, and chair arm rests that don't adjust. The right chair can alleviate a lot of those problems. But a used cubicle with an adjustable desktop helps improve the comfort of workers in long shifts.

Privacy and Sound Buffering
One of the most prominent features in call center cubicles is sound buffering. Often, this is achieved with fabric covered panels. After a cubicle has been used elsewhere, the fabric might not be in the best condition. But Cubiture can refurbish any used cubicle with the fabric of your choice. You'll save money because the cubicle isn't brand new. But you'll still come out ahead with refurbishing because the cubicles look new at a fraction of the cost.

What Makes Cubiture Better
Lots of office furniture businesses can sell you an office full of used call center cubicles. But Cubiture offers more. We have our own warehouse and manufacturing facility. What that means to you is a wide selection, in-house repairs, professional refurbishing services, CAD space planning to make it all come together, and delivery and setup to ensure the best installation. Cubiture is the whole package.

Call center cubicles are a bit different from others. They're simple, clean-lined, and usually free from excess add-ons such as unnecessary storage and other features. Cubiture has a selection that you won't find anywhere else. And we have the experience to guarantee your satisfaction.

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