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CB102 Commercial Millwork Companies In Houston Texas
May 6, 2015

Commercial Millwork

You've probably seen the millwork aisle at a home improvement center, but there's so much more to it than a few trim pieces. Millwork is a whole discipline of furniture design, and one that transforms a commonplace piece into something extraordinary.

Is commercial millwork right for your company? Read on to find out.

What is Commercial Millwork?
Millwork refers to custom or bespoke furnishings that are commissioned by you, the customer. The name is derived from literally working in a mill to create original furnishings to order, one piece at a time.

In a commercial application, many businesses aren't fond of a cookie cutter appearance. Where scores of offices look the same, no matter which business they're in or where they're located, commercial millwork is what sets one business apart from the others. It's that unique appearance designed for one customer.

How Millwork Can Upgrade Your Office
Commercial millwork is especially suited for high-end, high-profile offices. Chances are, you've entered an attorney's place of business or another where everything from the reception desk to etageres along a hallway, and especially executive offices, looked substantial and different, yet still steeped in tradition or even grandeur.

You can't get that from ready ship pieces, no matter how beautifully they're designed. Mass-produced is the antithesis of custom work, and in commercial office it shows. You can see it in everything from joinery to the trim, all of which is selected and prepared for one office.

Which Directions You Can Turn
Commercial millwork is often characterized by rich woods, ornate trim, and beautiful finishes. The pieces in some offices are designed so well, they rival the highest quality furnishings in any home. But that's not the only direction that millwork can take you.

A streamlined, contemporary office can also benefit from millwork. Think about the unfussy lines of mid-century furniture with beautiful woodgrain, interesting lines, but few embellishments at all. Commercial millwork can create whatever you want it to. It doesn't have to turn out French Provincial looks or anything else that's over the top. Its purpose is to upgrade the office from ordinary to fine, regardless of how you view it.

How Cubiture Can Help
Cubiture is more than just an office furniture and partition dealer. We are commercial millwork experts with years of experience working with upscale businesses who know what they want. We strive to understand the needs of your business to provide exactly the furniture that you expected.

Our millwork is all done in-house to the highest quality standards. What that means is that you can communicate directly with the people who create your furniture, instead of wondering what might or might not arrive on a delivery truck.

Is your office ready to take it to the next level? Commercial millwork is a logical step. Give us a call today at 713-412-0900 and speak with one of our experts to learn more, and find out about a free quote. A unique office doesn't come cheap, but it's always worth it.

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