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Cubicle Office Furniture Systems For Sale
May 29, 2015
Cubicle Office Furniture Systems For Sale

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The essential framework of all cubicle office furniture systems are the partitions. Short or tall, broad or small, partitions separate one workstation from another. That's true, even when you choose a height that's so low as to barely provide boundaries at all.

Cubicle partitions are made of steel for strength, but the part that you see might be any number of materials. Laminates are a great choice, since they resist scratches, clean up easily, and are available in hundreds of different colors. Fabrics are a classic partition covering, and you can also have natural wood.

Partitions determine the boundaries of every cubicle, which is an important first step in the process. But there are many other decisions left to be made when you're in the market for complete workstation systems.

Desk Surfaces Vary by Need
Straightforward desks for cubicle office furniture systems might be little more than a horizontal surface that's mounted to partition walls at each end. That gives the worker maximum space on the desktop and legroom underneath. But desks also come in a wide range of styles.

Desks might be rectangular or square, but they might also be L- or U-shaped, which gives the user more surface area to work on large projects or a few smaller ones. Another possibility is a multi-level desktop, which elevates some equipment to keep more desk space clear. As with partitions, you can choose for an array of durable laminates, or go with the warm look of wood.

Adjustable Workstation Seating Reduces Stress
Seating can make or break a day at the office. That's why it's as important a component of cubicle office furniture systems as any other part. Ergonomics isn't just a trendy thing to talk about. An ergonomic chair that adjusts in several different ways plus provides adequate lumbar support can help prevent work-related injuries, headaches, and general discomfort.

High-quality seating doesn't have to look or feel like an executive chair. And in many cases, a well-made task chair with mesh instead of padding offers better support and more adjustable features than an expensive chair with leather upholstery.

Add-Ons Enhance Functionality
The list of add-ons for cubicles is virtually endless. If you don't see it, chances are it can be designed and built to match and fit your cubicle system perfectly. Most cubicles have some type of storage, such as upper cabinets with locking doors and wall-mounted shelving. Under-desk filing systems are also common.

Other features might include glass panel inserts for cubicle partitions, built-in data and electrical ports, task lighting cork boards, whiteboards, and computer monitor risers to help reduce neck stress from leaning over all day.

Workstation Arrangements Improve Productivity
The elements that you choose are only part of the decisions that you'll make. Cubiture's in-house space planners take office space arrangement to the next level. Precision measurements of your office space and the components that you need help maximize the square footage of your office. But it goes beyond just fitting in as much as you can.

Our complimentary space planning can restructure your whole office or just parts of it to look and function better. We can suggest cubicle arrangements that you hadn't thought of, and explain how different traffic patterns can enhance or detract from productivity.

Cubiture is the Houston area cubicle expert that you need to find the right office furniture and create the most efficient space that you can. Every aspect of furnishing your office, from choosing the right components and floor plan to delivery and setup are covered by professionals with years in the industry.

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