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Refurbished Cubicles For Offices For Sale In Houston, Texas
May 27, 2015
Refurbished Cubicles For Offices For Sale In Houston, Texas

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Cubicles for offices are such a familiar fixture, it's difficult to think of a business without them. Invented in the 60s and created to Herman Miller designer, Robert Propst, they evolved as a way to conserve office space while providing more private work stations where people could concentrate without distractions. That was a major improvement over the wide-open “typing pool” landscape that dominated before.

Because everything old is new again, American offices have toyed with open space work areas again in recent years, with mixed reviews. While collaboration and creativity might thrive when workers have few or no boundaries, two things are abundantly clear. People still need psychological privacy for many office tasks, and cubicles are an efficient and effective way to provide it.

If you're designing a whole office installation or just adding a few cubicles to complement a creative hive, here's what you need to know about buying cubicles for offices:

Quality is Everything
It's no secret that with most things in life, you get what you pay for. With cubicles, the higher the quality the better your level of satisfaction. Cubiture stocks a wide range of new cubicles from some of the best names in office furniture, and you can check them out in person with a visit to our Houston showroom.

But what if you could have the same quality at a budget price? That's possible, too, through our in-house refurbishing. A refurbished cubicle takes a used one, strips it down to the framework, and rebuilds it to your specifications. You choose the fabrics, laminates, desktop finishes, and every other component. And if you need something custom, we can also do that. You get a cubicle that looks and feels new, but without the new price tag.

Flexibility Adds Value
The cubicle that you need today might not fit the bill forever. You can buy cubicles for offices that might never change, but flexibility lets you design and redesign without the need for new furniture every time. Partitions that allow different panels, such as glass, and different features, such as wall-mount storage and shelving, give you the design freedom that you need.

Design flexibility is like buying several different cubicles without spending anything more than you would for one. You might like a clustered configuration where a few workers share the same joined space, but then a year from now you might want a different arrangement. Best of all, Cubiture's professional installers can handle each new transformation that your office goes through.

Cubicles are More than Separators
Everyone has seen the most classic and traditional of cubicles. They're moderately tall, have padded panels with upholstery fabric, and space enough for a desktop, chair, and a few other essentials. But there's so much more available that you might not know about.

Partitions are design features nowadays. You can build with sections of laminate in a wide range of colors, padded areas for sound absorption, whiteboards, and even built-in data ports and task lighting. You can have curves, angles, and varying partition heights to connect some work stations while separating others. And if you want glass, you can have it in clear or translucent, which lets in light while preserving privacy.

Cubicles might be an investment of a few hundred dollars for a basic one to a few thousand for a brand new custom piece. It all depends on your budget and what you want to achieve. At Cubiture, we also have the style and material choices that put you in the designer's seat, if that's something you'd like to try. Our design professionals can help you create something unique.

There's so much more to cubicles for offices than you might ever have known. With new, refurbished, and even the super budget-friendly, as-is used models to think about, your choices are really only limited by your imagination. Call us today at 713-412-0900 for a free quote.

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