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Custom Millwork Cabinets
May 7, 2015
Custom Millwork Cabinets

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Custom Millwork

Custom millwork transforms the ordinary into something fresh, new, and created just for you. If one end of the spectrum is desks, conference tables, and other office furnishings that you could buy from any catalog, custom millwork is at the opposite end with everything designed and created to order.

If you’re looking for a style that you can’t find, the answer probably lies in custom work from Cubiture.

Custom Millwork Adds Dimension to Any Furnishing
At its root, millwork describes fully custom furniture. Bespoke is ground-up design with every joint, every leg, and every desktop designed and proportioned especially for one customer. But in its broader definition, custom millwork means altering an existing piece of furniture to give it a new look.

It’s all about character with millwork. That’s its purpose. Where a manufacturing facility can turn out a thousand pieces that look identical, millwork can tweak them, change them and give them interesting depth and dimension with layers and combinations of trim and accents that you won’t see anywhere else.

Office Decor Becomes Defined with Millwork
Some offices have a cohesive look from one end to the other. It’s the same as when you visit a home where you can’t quite nail it down, but everything works together perfectly. That’s good design, and that’s what custom millwork gives to you.

When you choose the look that you want, the beauty of it is that you can duplicate the theme throughout the office to give it a seamless decor theme. Perhaps you love a desk and love it more with special millwork. But perhaps you also love a certain table, and the two simply don’t match. That’s never a problem with custom millwork. In fact, millwork is the solution.

Save Money with Refurbished Furnishings
Custom millwork is rarely thought of as an inexpensive endeavor. And because by its very nature each piece is unique, there is no real way to estimate the expense until you speak with millwork experts, such as Cubiture. You might pay a few hundred dollars extra, but then again, you could pay thousands. It all depends on what you want. But there is a way to trim back costs and still have that custom look. Refurbished furniture is that way.

When you think about it, refurbished furniture is an ideal candidate for custom millwork. You can transform a brand new desk, but you’ll pay for the new desk plus all of the custom work. If you elect to refurbish, you’ll still get the look that you want, but without the additional expense of a brand new piece. Either way, you receive a desk that looks brand new because it’s been recreated to order.

Cubiture is your source for custom millwork in the Houston area. All of our work is done in house, and you’ll play an active role in the selection and design process. Give us a call today at 713-412-0900 to find out about your millwork options. If you give us a little time on the front end, we will deliver the custom office furniture of your dreams.

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