Custom Glass Cubicles Designed By FR-544

Glass Office Cubicles For Sale In Houston Texas
May 14, 2015

Everyone is familiar with the cubicle concept. They help you transform any blank office space into a system of efficient modular workstations. Their adaptability lets you design a configuration that suits your business and the needs of your workers. But what about glass cubicles? They’re the clear choice for an upscale look that sets your office apart.

Ready to learn more? Here’s how glass cubicles can fit into your office:

Choose Full Glass or Smaller Panels
Glass cubicles are available in different styles to complement the decor of your office and the way that your business works. With full glass panels that connect in nearly any configuration that you like, you can create the transparency, both literally and figuratively, that’s so important in the modern workplace.

If full walls of glass are more than you’re looking for, you have other options. Smaller glass panels integrate with more traditional looking cubicle systems. So you can have partitions with fabric, laminate, or another opaque material for privacy, and glass panel inserts that function more like a window.

Share Natural Light Through the Whole Office
The benefits of natural light were once reserved for the lucky few with an office window. Solid-panel cubicles block out light, which dramatically increases the need for artificial lighting at individual work stations and throughout the whole office. But with glass cubicles, everyone shares natural light.

This can improve mood and productivity, and it can also help you cut down on HVAC use and utility costs. With a reduced need for overhead and task lighting, your energy consumption goes down. And with the addition of low-e window glass, you won’t have to worry about solar heat gain counteracting those savings.

Blend Open Concept with Privacy
The open concept office had its peak, and now it’s beginning to level off. But what remains is the understanding that collaboration is good in almost every office in any type of business. The problem is affording the psychological privacy that workers need while helping encourage collaboration.

Glass wins again in this area. You have solid partitions, which help buffer sound and insulate workers from neighboring desks. But because those barriers are clear, no one ever has to feel completely isolated. And if workers need more privacy, the combination style of partitions with opaque materials and glass panels give you a little bit of both.

The era of cookie cutter partitions is over. With glass, barriers are removed while preserving the individual integrity of the work station, and that works for everyone. You can design cubicles for individual users and create freestanding meeting rooms, all from this versatile, transparent material.

Cubiture is your source for glass cubicles in the Houston area. Give us a call at 713-412-0900 for a free quote, and to learn more about how integrating glass can step your workplace up a notch. Our free space planning services help you design the ideal floor plan, and our professional installation team makes it happen. Contact us today.

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