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Lumbar Support Office Chairs
May 7, 2015
Lumbar Support Office Chairs

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Nothing can zap your energy and ruin your whole day quite like an aching back. The very chair that you sit on day in and day out could be a major contributor. But on the other hand, lumbar support office chairs can help you sail through the day with less pain and fewer incidents of the 3 o’clock sink.

Here’s why lumbar support can help you and everyone in your office feel better:

Why Lumbar Support is Important
There’s a lot going on in the lower back, whether you’re standing or seated. In a standing position with good posture, your spine has natural support. When you’re seated, you need mechanical support to keep the vertebrae aligned. Office chairs with lumbar support help prevent the stress-related injuries that can happen without it.

Sitting without lumbar support puts damaging stress on the lumbosacral discs, according to Spine Health. This part of the spine is comprised of 5 vertebrae. A lack of support can create or worsen lower back pain, which can also lead to shoulder and neck pain and headaches.

Which Styles of Chairs Offer the Best Support
Lumbar support is characterized by an inward curve toward the lower portion of the back rest. But because no two people are identical, no single chair will support every person. The curve of the chair should match the natural curve of the spine, and it should also adjusts to place the curve at the right spot for the user.

A high-back executive chair upholstered in fine leather is less effective than a mesh chair, if the mesh version has adjustable lumbar support and the executive model doesn’t. Look for chairs with the identifying curve, but also check for adjustability. The back rest and seat should move and tilt, and lock into place. When you adjust your position throughout the day, an adjustable chair lets the lumbar support move with you.

How Much You Should Expect to Spend
Lumbar support chairs were once prohibitively expensive, but that’s no longer the case. Some inexpensive models have the right curve and the right adjustability with a price tag of a few hundred dollars. That’s a good investment for spine health, and you can find them in mesh, vinyl and upholstered designs.

At the upper end of the scale, the sky is nearly the limit. A custom size chair with good lumbar support, full adjustability and leather upholstery could set you back several thousand dollars. While that might seem like an extravagance that you can’t afford, remember that better quality chairs also last longer.

Cubiture offers a wide selection of lumbar support office chairs in a range of prices that fit any budget, large or small. And when you check out our selection in person, you’ll see and experience firsthand how each chair operates. There’ll be no more wondering what this lever does or how to adjust the armrests.

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