Getting to Know Millwork Cabinetry

Millwork Cabinetry Houston
May 7, 2015
Millwork Cabinetry Houston

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Millwork Cabinetry

Millwork Cabinetry is all about custom fabrication. It can give you a look that you've never found in a store or catalog. And you can apply that look to every piece in the office, if you like.

Cubiture knows custom work from the inside out, which makes us the right choice for your project. So when you're ready for something that's special and designed just for you, here's what you can expect:

The Benefits of Millwork Cabinetry
Millwork cabinetry is something custom ordered, something different. It's nothing you've seen in a catalog or a showroom, and it's nothing that's been mass produced. In fact, millwork cabinetry is inherently unique to the customer. So it isn't even born before you and a designer, such as Cubiture, create it.

If you've ever had a difficult time finding just the right cabinet, then you already know why custom work is important. You can create new lines and make one that works better. Maybe a special drawer configuration is just what you need, even though you've never seen it in a ready-made piece. With millwork cabinetry, you can have it.

Which Offices Need Custom Millwork
Millwork cabinetry can give you the aesthetics that you want, but it can also improve function. So while it's important for an office that wants a certain appearance, it's equally important for businesses that need tools that might not exist. Custom work benefits the way that a cabinet looks, and it also helps everything perform better.

Thinking back to the drawer configuration in that cabinet, what if your workers need storage for odd-side items? Maybe you handle paperwork that's different from legal or letter size, and a typical blueprint flat-style drawer cabinet is too large. If it doesn't fit properly in any cabinet that you've ever found, millwork cabinetry lets you determine the storage dimensions that you need.

Why In-House Fabrication is Better
There are millwork cabinet fabricators who can take your specifics over the phone and probably through a few emails. And their work might be exceptional. But there is something different – something better – about working with a local company who does all of the work in-house.

At Cubiture, we have the experience to design what you need. And we also have the tools to make it happen. You'll work one-on-one with the same people who will ultimately build the cabinet that you specified. There is an understanding that comes from real communication, and the best way to get that is by meeting and talking with your millwork cabinetry fabricators.

Millwork cabinetry gives you the control that you wish you'd had before. Everyone has found a piece of office furniture and thought, “If only it had this one different feature.” With ready-made pieces, that's just a dream. But custom millwork makes it a reality.

Cubiture can help you find what you're looking for. Maybe it's an upgrade for an existing cabinet, or maybe it's altogether something different. Whatever you decide, we can make it happen in-house. Give us a call today at 713-412-0900 to talk about your options and get a FREE QUOTE.

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