Learn How To Buy Used Telemarketing Cubicles FR-522

Re-Manufactured Telemarketing Cubicles
May 13, 2015
Used Telemarketing Cubicles

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Used Telemarketing Cubicles

There's something about a telemarketing office. The buzz and hum, constant activity, and landscape of uniform work stations are practically trademarks of the industry. And like any industry, certain tools make the workday better. Well-made cubicles, including used models, are part of that.

Used telemarketing cubicles are just as good as new, and in some ways they're even better. They save you money, which helps with budgeting. And they can also be indistinguishable from new, which makes them the ultimate bargain.

Here are a few of the features to look for when you're ready to furnish your office:

Lower-Profile Partitions
The typical telemarketing office makes use of lower profile cubicle partition walls. This helps alleviate the cramped, closet-like feeling that would come with higher walls surrounding individual work stations. But the higher the noise level, the taller the partitions might be.

With used cubicles, you could find a system that allows you to configure a slightly larger space at each work station, if necessary. Just because they were assembled one way in a previous office doesn't mean they can't have a new configuration in yours.

Noise Buffering or Absorption
Telemarketing offices are filled with the sounds of people using a telephone. That's why noise control is so important. Without it, the hum would make it difficult for anyone to hear and be heard.

Most used telemarketing cubicles will have adequate sound buffering build into the panel. Padding covered in fabric is the usual design. If you don't find a used set that matches your office decor, Cubiture can refurbish the cubicles in any of several hundred different fabrics.

Technology Ports and Storage
Some very basic telemarketing offices use few tools besides a telephone, so there's not a lot of use for excess space. But many need the room and provisions for a computer and file storage, too.

Technology ports help keep computer and phone cords out of the way, which leaves more space open for work. And with storage add-ons, employees can keep personal items and work files in cabinets mounted higher on the panels, which helps keep desk space clear and doesn't take up valuable legroom.

Ample Legroom Underneath
Speaking of legroom, workers need plenty of space to stretch and move. If a tower-style desktop computer is used, there should be room on the desk for the tower or additional space for storing it underneath. Cubiture can help you find the right used cubicle configuration to accommodate workers and all of the equipment they use daily.

The ability to stretch and move helps reduce fatigue, which can lead to higher productivity and more comfort. It can also have a positive effect on morale in general, which also circles back to good productivity.

Used telemarketing cubicles are available as-is or refurbished. For the tightest budgets, Cubiture offers as-is, serviceable partitions and professional installation. If you choose refurbished, every surface that you see will be new or restored. The best part is that you choose the colors and finishes, and still save money over new furnishings.

Because all of our customers are equally important, everyone has access to complimentary space planning services.

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