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Refurbished 5x5 Office Cubicles
June 24, 2015
Refurbished 5x5 Office Cubicles

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Cubicles come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and price points. Some are nearly as large as an average stick-built office. But most are smaller, and more efficient uses of space, too. That's where 5×5 office cubicles fit into the business furnishings landscape.

The 5×5 cubicle offers a smaller footprint than its cousin, the 6×6, but without losing a tremendous amount of function. It lets you fit more dedicated work stations into your floor plan.

5×5 Cubicles Don't Have to be Generic

One of the most common misconceptions about cubicles is that they're boring, unattractive, and are the least that a business can offer for workers. That's just not true. Cubicles can be almost anything that you want them to.

Many styles have padded and upholstered partitions. This is one of the most common looks for a cubicle, and it's popular because it works. The padding and fabric perform as sound dampening materials, which helps the office stay quieter.

But you can have laminate panels in many different colors, patterns and wood grains, too. There's also the panel height to think about. Some are short and barely bridge desks, which works in a collaborative office. But others reach the ceiling to create fully enclosed office spaces and meeting rooms.

You Have Several Storage and Accessory Choices

The storage choices are really only limited by your imagination. Certainly, there are built-in cabinets for panel walls and cabinets that sit on the floor. But you can also have drawers under the desktop, which helps preserve legroom.

Whiteboards and magnetic boards are another popular option. You can have them as panels that connect with a modular system. So really, you can build your own cubicle the way that you want it. You can even have glass as individual panels or full cubicle walls.

Technology is another important consideration. Although today's technology is much smaller than what was used in decades past, you still need data ports and electrical outlets. Those come built in, so there's no tangle of cords underneath. Task lighting can also be a built-in feature.

Customization is Always an Option

One of the hallmarks of Cubiture's services is our ability to create almost anything that you want or need. Odd-size storage isn't a problem, and neither is a custom desktop with a laminate finish that complements your company decor.

We can customize any new cubicle at our in-house fabrication facility, but refurbishing used cubicles is where we really shine. A refurbished cubicle looks like new and performs like new because everything that you see and touch is new. However, the price tag can save you a lot of money over new.

Because all of the work is done right here in Houston, you don't have to deal with a third party and just hope for the best. The same experience that we bring to a new project is also found in every refurbished one.

Cubiture is your source for all business furnishings, especially 5×5 office cubicles. We can design individual workstation clusters or your entire office, and our complimentary space planning helps you get the most out of the square footage.

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