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Refurbished Call Center Cubicles For Sale
June 18, 2015
Refurbished Call Center Cubicles For Sale

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Call Center Cubicles For Sale

Call center workers are expected to do two things. Each employee is responsible for making or receiving a certain number of phone calls during their shift. Each call should be resolved, either with a confirmed sale or a problem resolved for the company's customer. The right call center cubicles can lead to each worker meeting their expected quota by the end of their shift. The wrong type of cubicle can detract from their ability to focus completely on making and receiving phone calls.

Setting Up a Call Center for Maximum Productivity

The call center manager knows what the company owner expects of employees. One part of maintaining a high level of worker productivity is the layout of the call center itself. Each layout has pros and cons, which the manager should know about as they set up a call center.

As the manager and the cubicle company discuss the various layouts, they have to keep space, expense and employee productivity in mind. Each layout will affect the ability of workers to maintain top productivity.

Various Call Center Layout Possibilities

With the quad layout, four separate cubicles are placed together so two workers sit side-by-side and another two workers sit across from them. With this arrangement, the cubicle dividers may be lower so the employees can discuss call projects together.

In the row layout, the call center doesn't require a high level of planning. The cubicle company can quickly set up each cubicle in this arrangement. Two drawbacks in this arrangement mean that employees can't work together easily and that employees feel like they are boxed in.

The zigzag layout gives call center workers a little more working room, but it also takes up more space than the row layout. If each cubicle's divider is made from a clear material, this may led to a window-like feel for each cubicle. The biggest drawback is the time and expense for setting up this layout.

Ergonomics and Traffic Flow

Call center employees spend long hours in their cubicles, making phone calls and working on their computers. Office chairs have to be adjustable to each employee's height. If a short worker is forced to work in a chair that is too high, back pain can result. If a tall worker has to work in a chair that is too low, they will have neck and shoulder pain. Computer keyboards should also be ergonomic so employees won't stress their wrists, hands and forearms. By installing ergonomic equipment, the company will cut down on employee insurance claims for repetitive stress injuries.

Local fire codes may dictate the width of the aisles in a call center. At the least, these should be about 36 inches wide so employees can get from one area to another.

Ordering Cubicles for a Call Center

Every call center owner and manager knows what they need for their call center. Cubiture's call center cubicles are made to be attractive and last for several years. Our experts can help to determine which cubicles and layout will best serve their needs.

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