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Call Center Workstations For Sale In Houston, Texas
June 5, 2015

From collections departments to cold calling to technical support, call centers create an efficient, streamlined way for businesses to communicate with the outside world. For a call center to function properly, however, it needs appropriate furniture.

What Furniture is Required for Call Centers?
Unlike cubicles for administrative or accounting workers, call center cubicles must create an environment that allows employees to make or receive phone calls in comfort and with minimal disruption. Most call center set-ups feature small cubicles with dividers, work spaces, and shelving.

These days, most call center workers wear high-tech headsets that allow them to communicate via telephone without the distractions of ambient noise. Consequently, they don’t require ceiling-high dividers or significant space between stations.

However, the work space must be sufficiently large to accommodate a computer, printer, and any other electronic equipment required for workers to complete their jobs. Since many companies use printed scripts or other data, work stations might also require enough work space to accommodate papers, binders, and other supplies.

Workers in call centers need comfortable, ergonomic seating because they spend most of the work days glued to their chairs. Statistics suggest that comfortable workers are 16-24 percent more productive than their uncomfortable counterparts, according to DeskTime.

What Cubicle Pieces are Useful for Call Centers?
Most call centers do not use full cubicles, as explained above, but several cubicle parts make call centers more functional. It all depends on your specific needs.

For example, panels taller than 65 inches provide both visual privacy and acoustical barriers, according to Team Office Talk. This means your employees can focus on the conversations they conduct over the phone rather than on the environment around them.

A benching system might also work for a call center, especially if you use dividers in place of panels. The dividers separate the work stations with a low partition, giving each employee his or her own space while maximizing worker density.

What are the Space-Planning Options for Call Centers?

The space plan most suitable for your business depends on your available real estate as well as any challenges presented by your work space. For example, an open-plan, bullpen-type office lends itself to numerous designs and configurations.

In many call centers, worker density is of paramount importance. The more people you have working on the floor, the more efficient your call center becomes.

Considerations like electrical ports and partition sizes play a large part in the overall space plan. For example, the ceiling height in your office space dictates the maximum height for dividers and partitions.

Some call center feature simple rows of cubicles or work stations, while others design their work spaces in L- or U-shaped arrangements.

How Much Does Call Center Furniture Cost?
The main consideration when pricing call center furniture is the origin. Used, refurbished, and re-manufactured furniture costs less than brand new items.

Instead of focusing on the initial cost of call center furniture, think instead about the long-term costs. If you purchase high-quality furnishings from Cubiture, your equipment will last longer, which reduces the cost because you don’t have to replace it in the near future.

Since call center cubicles tend to be smaller than cubicles for other professions, they cost less. In general, cubicles cost between $1,000 and $2,000 each for new models, according to Cost Owl.

If your call center needs a makeover or if you’re setting up a new call center, you’ll need reliable, affordable furniture and cubicle pieces. Get in touch with Cubiture today to learn about our options.

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