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Cool Office Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas
June 26, 2015
Cool Office Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas

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Office cubicles are designed for one purpose only. Work. Even so, they don’t have to look boring or suck all creativity out of the office. Rather than having three-sided cubicles that enclose each worker in a virtual cocoon, cubicles can be open, giving each worker the space they need to work all day long. Or they can be decorated, within reason, to reflect each cubicle occupant’s personality.

Not to Get All Google, But. . .

Google has arranged its office space so that each worker has their own cubicle. These cubicles are nothing like what employees in a sales or telemarketing company work in. Workers in sales or telemarketing offices can’t work in the Google-style cubicles, but, if managers look for different designs, they can find ways of making the day’s cubicle life more interesting for their employees. They can help workers to spread out within their own spaces, which may go far to increase productivity for the entire office.

Office Cubicles Don’t Have to be Boring

Managers should look at the partitions between cubicles. If they are high enough, workers can get their work done without being disturbed by other workers nearby. Next, managers should look at the creative use of color. Not every cubicle has to be gray or black. Adding in a splash of red or orange can brighten a space. Use different materials, such as faux wood, for the top of the desk. The fabric covering the partition can be still another color. All of these add to the visual interest of the worker’s cubicle.

Even though most, if not all, cubicles in that space may look just the same, employees may realize that their bosses have done everything they could to brighten up the office working environment.

Look at Design

Managers shouldn’t forget about the design of the cubicle. Along with privacy, quiet and sufficient work space, they should ask whether the manufacturer has cubicles that don’t look like what every other large office has been ordering.

Universities, newspapers, television stations and sales offices all benefit when they try to “think outside the cubicle” as they decide what they are going to order next for their staffs. Cubicles aren’t very big, which means space is at a premium. Creative use of space savers allows each worker to store incoming mail and messages, along with outgoing paperwork.

Workers Can Personalize Their Cubicles

Finally, managers should look at their office policies when it comes to allowing staffers to individualize their cubicles. Workers can, within reason, raise their computers to a more comfortable level.

Decorations can be added, as long as they don’t create a danger or distraction to employees. These can include using small carpet samples in place of desktop blotters. Workers can bring in wall calendars that add some color and visual interest to their cubicles. Finally, managers should allow workers to decorate partitions with artwork. After all, they spend eight hours a day in their cubicles, so why shouldn’t they reflect a little bit of the worker’s personality or interests? As managers look for new cubicles, the experts at Cubiture can help them to find office work spaces that will be more interesting.

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