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June 11, 2015

Cubicle furniture systems are the heart of nearly every office. But it wasn't always this way. At one time, offices with a large staff had a sea of desks situated in rows in one large room. The clack of typewriters was only muted by the sounds of ringing phones. It was just about as “open office” as it gets. It was also distracting and not very efficient. That's why cubicles were developed – to make working in an office better.

Today, cubicles are both the same and quite different from the first cubicle partitions. Many of them are still upholstered, because as low-tech as padding and fabric are, the basic sound dampening technology really is hard to beat. Where the newer models diverge from the older ones is in the details.

Here's what you can expect from modern cubicle furniture systems:

Lots of Configuration Possibilities
The standard cubicle footprint is still the same as it ever was. It's generally a square, or perhaps a short rectangle. But cubicles are made in sections for a reason. You could have a workstation with two connected desks, or a cluster of desks in a pod formation. The configuration possibilities are really only limited by your space and imagination. Working with professional space planners, such as the complimentary service from Cubiture, lets you try out different ideas before committing to them in your office.

Different Partition Heights
The traditional mid-height partition is still quite popular. But that's not your only choice. Some partitions reach ceiling to floor, letting you build fully enclosed offices complete with doors and a section of glass for a window. By contrast, some partitions are quite short. This is a good option for collaborative and creative offices. Short partitions separate desks with a panel that's only a few inches high, creating a division between desks without cutting workers off from each other.

Materials That are Anything but Dull
Probably everyone is familiar with the classic blues and tans of traditional cubicles. And those still exist because they're utilitarian. But today, you have lots of other choices. Some cubicle furniture systems are laminate, which is available in every color of the rainbow and then some. There's natural wood, and also the popular glass, which can be clear or frosted for privacy.

Smart Workflow Components
The components can make or break any cubicle. Most have a filing cabinet or two, but there's a world of choices available. There's wall storage, which consists of cabinets with locking doors and shelving. There's also built-in task lighting, and utility ports that do away with the tangle of cords. And if you need a storage solution that you just can't find, our fabrication facility can probably build it for you.

Cubicle furniture systems really have come a long way since their first heyday back in the 1960s. The concept is still the same – give workers their own space while minimizing the square footage that's needed to do so. But the features continue to evolve as technology advances.

At Cubiture, we stock new and used cubicles in our Houston showroom, and our experts on staff know how to help you find exactly what you need. Whether it's a whole office or only a few cubicles, we either have it or we can get it. And as always, we can refurbish any cubicle to your exact specifications, so it will look and perform exactly right.

Give us a call today for a free quote at 713-412-0900, and learn more about all of the choices that you have with Cubiture.

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