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Used Cubicle Partitions
June 11, 2015
Used Cubicle Partitions

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Cubicle partitions, like enchanting music, serve more than just a decorative purpose. In a large, open space, these partitioned spaces allow many employees to be able to conduct their work without ambient sounds intruding on their personal space. If they are responsible for making sales calls all day long, they need to be able to do so without a conversation disturbing them. Partitioned cubicles also allow workers to complete paperwork and duties on the computer without interruption from other employees.

What Function Does a Cubicle Partition Serve?
Not every company is able to provide an enclosed office to each employee. While the company president and other managers may need to have individual offices, rank-and-file employees can work in a large room. These employees still need some privacy. This allows them to complete their assigned tasks without the disruptions that come from noise, other employees' conversations, people walking by or the sounds coming from office equipment.

What are the Different Configurations?
Different businesses need different cubicle configurations. These are described using letters of the alphabet. For instance, the H configuration gives two workers space to work individually. A high partition divides the spaces of both workers' desks while the panels on the side separate them from other workers.

A U configuration simply separates workers who are sitting side-by-side. These partitions may be pushed against a wall of the main office.

L configurations allow employees to sit side-by-side and work in privacy while the T configuration allows more space so workers sitting next to and across from each other are able to carry out their duties.

In an X configuration, four workers create a cubicle “group,” with the partitions separating all four workers from each other.

Can a Company Increase Productivity Without Adding Space?
Even when cubicle partitions aren't very high, workers will benefit from the privacy they provide. Partitions that have been covered with fabric deaden noise more than partitions that don't have fabric covering them.

Business owners know this and, in an effort to increase productivity, they changed the configuration of the large, open space, installing cubicles for each employee. Result: Improved productivity from each worker.

Are Cubicle Partitions Safe?
While OSHA hasn't given the business world specific regulations regarding cubicle safety, it has provided some guidelines that govern safety, confined spaces, excess weight, assembly and even the decoration of individual cubicles. All of these address the safety to each worker.

Decorations should be lightweight and small enough to prevent blocking the entrances. Cubicles should be assembled only by the manufacturer. While cubicles are small, the entry and walkway between cubicles should be generous enough to allow workers to move in and out quickly. Employees shouldn't place too much weight or lean against cubicle walls.

When it's time for a business to buy cubicles, Cubiture can provide site-planning, allowing owners to safely increase productivity.

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