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Discount Office Cubicles
June 3, 2015
Discount Office Cubicles

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Discount cubicles save you money, but you might not know where to find the best deals. And if you’ve never shopped for cubicles before, the whole process could leave you swimming in a sea of decisions.

Here are the basics on finding and buying discount cubicles, and why making the right choice isn’t as challenging as it looks on the surface:

Where to Look for Discount Cubicles
You can find discount cubicles through several different outlets. Some buyers check the classified ads and Craigslist, and that can yield good results. But you never know when a great deal might come along. You’ll have to stay vigilant to find cubicles that suit your office in the volume that you need.

Another possibility is purchasing through an office supply retailer, especially when there’s a sale. Selection is often limited, but you might also get a warranty. Through the classifieds, you probably won’t. Watch for quality when dealing with a company that doesn’t specialize in cubicles, as repairs might mean working with a third party.

Probably the best way to find discount cubicles is through a dealer such as Cubiture. We have a large inventory, and we stock the best brands in discounted and used components. Because we only do office furniture, and because we own a fabrication facility, you’ll get the same high quality service as any customer, and if there’s ever a problem we can take care of it in house.

What to Ask Before You Buy
A cubicle isn’t just a cubicle. There are so many different styles, materials and options available that the array of choices could surprise you. You’ll want to know about which customization options, such as special storage, data ports and other features, are available. At Cubiture, if the cubicle you want doesn’t have a feature that you need, we can fabricate it for you.

You’ll also want to ask about refurbishing. Even if your budget is tight, we can completely refurbish every piece to look and perform like brand new. This isn’t a service that you’ll find through many other discount cubicle dealers, but our staff of experts can transform used furniture and still save you money.

Delivery, setup, and service after the sale rank as high as any other questions that you might have. If you buy through the classifieds, you’ll need a third-party to deliver and set up your cubicles. And if you buy through a mass retailer, you might get delivery, but setup may or may not be included. Cubiture has the experience to deliver and set up your office, and we also service everything that we sell. Even discounted pieces.

Possible Price Ranges to Expect
The range of pricing with discount cubicles depends on several factors. First, there’s the condition of the pieces. If they aren’t in great shape, the prices will probably be a lot lower than retail. Next comes the brand. Some can command high prices, even for used pieces. Materials also play a role in pricing. Some materials, such as fabric covered partitions, might cost a little less than higher-end laminates or wood veneers.

Some basic cubicles could begin in the $500 range, and that’s fairly low. Even for used, you could pay a lot more, as some cost well over $1,000. That’s a great discount off the retail cost of comparable cubicles, which can cost several thousand for designer pieces with high-end materials.

Refurnishing will obviously increase the price of any discount cubicle that you choose. The difference is that with refurbished pieces, you get the appearance and durability of new at a fraction of the cost. It’s really the best of both worlds, combining cost savings and appearance.

Cubiture specializes in all things office furniture. We have the newest styles, but we also carry used and other discounted models, too. We really are a full-service office furniture dealer who can handle all of your needs with professionalism. You don’t have to buy new to get the best price, product and service in town.

Give us a call at 713-412-0900 for a free discount cubicle quote, or stop by and see us in person. Our showroom is located at 10704 Telge Rd, Houston, TX 77095.

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