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June 22, 2015
Modular Workstations

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Modular office workstations are common in several familiar settings, such as colleges and universities. They can also be found in creative office settings, where workers need to be able to work on their own or in collaboration with other employees. The modular office furniture purchased by a company doesn't have to look temporary or even cheap. When chosen and made well, modular office furniture can add to the look of a business office.

The “Look” of a Modular Office Workstation

Modular office workstations are larger than the small cubicles that are the hallmark of a call center. Inside a workstation, the employee has sufficient room for a computer, printer, phone and a small file cabinet. The workstation may also have an overhead storage space that allows the worker to store away office supplies and projects in progress. The space may even have room for small photos, a vase and personal mementos.

Just outside the entrance to a workstation, the worker may have a large, sturdy clip on which papers can be attached. The outer walls may be made of fabric-covered material, which can deaden excess sounds coming from other work stations. This feature can extend to the interior of the workstation, which further cuts down on unneeded noise.

An Office That Looks Attractive

Not all modular workstations need to be square or rectangular in shape. Imaginative designs have been used, which increases the attractiveness of an office. Such a workstation can have oval workstations that separate employees from each other, yet encourage communication between employees.

Other modular workstations may be simple desks with a wide filing cabinet attached to the divider wall. These workstations are arranged, one next to the other, allowing a company to place many employees into a large workspace.

Still other modular office workstations use splashes of color. Two workers can be stationed across from each other, divided by a clear, colored panel. This particular workstation may be more suited to an office of creative employees, such as graphic designers or writers. As businesses discuss how to furnish their workspace, they need to pay careful attention to the operations and functions of their employees.

Modular Office Workstations Can Bolster Productivity

Workers have to be able to communicate easily with each other as they focus on their work. If one employee is handling one part of a project, their coworkers have to feel able to approach that person to update themselves on what that worker has completed. If workers are stymied by being placed across the office from each other or by high or fixed walls, easy communication won't happen.

Some modular workstations have higher walls necessary to ensure quiet and privacy. Some workers find they work more productively when it is completely quiet while others aren't bothered by the ambient sounds of a large office space.

As businesses are working on a new office set up, knowing which workers need more privacy and quiet will help them to order the right modular office equipment.

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