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Glass Office Cubicles Partitions
June 25, 2015
Glass Office Cubicles Partitions

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The office cubicle partition serves several purposes. First, it physically separates workers and their workstations from each other. Second, it acts as paneling, which can change the appearance of the office space. Third, partitions can be used as display panels, team dividers or privacy aids.

What Office Cubicle Partitions Do

Managers should look out at the work area where their employees are sitting and working. As they do, they need to look at what every furniture item is doing. Have they physically separated the sales team from the design team? Do they increase privacy between members of the same team, enabling every worker to be as productive as possible?

Are some partitions being used as display panels, showcasing awards and achievements? Have some partitions been deployed to change the appearance of the office space without requiring a huge cash outlay?

Even though partitions or panel systems are not the main part of office cubicles, they serve a vital purpose.

Cubicle Partition Configurations

Offices and office managers can deploy partitions so they create definite separations between units or teams. If one team is louder out of necessity, this can affect another unit that would benefit from additional quiet.

By deploying tall, fabric-covered partitions, managers can give both units what they need. That unit that has to have more quiet won’t be as affected by the phone calls and conversations coming from the sales or marketing teams.

Team Workstation Divider or Display

Offices like to be able to display the physical evidence of their achievements. Managers know that this “atta boy!” action serves to spur their workers and teams to greater efforts, which can, at the end of the fiscal year, result in larger sales.

Display panels help managers to display the concrete evidence of their workers’ efforts and achievements. A display panel can be a three-sided standing panel that can hold certificates and other awards.

Wall panel systems enable workers and managers as they move through the larger office space. New employees can benefit from signs that mark where Accounting begins and Marketing takes over. Managers will be able to see, at a glance, when they need to add more workstations or remove them.

Additional Desktop Privacy

Office cubicles, while they allow businesses to expand and contract worker space at a lower cost, aren’t 100 percent perfect. Conversations and other sounds drift over the tops of each workstation.

One worker may thrive in a quiet environment while another doesn’t mind the noise in their environment. If they sit next to each other, a desktop privacy panel can help that quiet-seeking worker to get more work done, even as his noisier coworker pounds on his computer keyboard or tries to cajole a customer to order more supplies.

Some workers are responsible for working on sensitive paperwork. These privacy panels make it easier for them to keep their paperwork confidential. Once a business knows what its cubicle partition needs are, a workstation manufacturer, such as Cubiture, can help them narrow down their choices.

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