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Remanufactured Office Workstations For Sale In Houston, TX
June 4, 2015
Re Manufactured Office Workstations For Sale In Houston, TX

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When companies slash their office furniture budgets, they still need sleek, stylish, comfortable furnishings for their employees and clients. Re-manufactured cubicles offer a budget-friendly solution for cubicle equipment that still looks great in an office setting and fulfills without sacrificing functionality.

What are Re-manufactured Cubicles?

Re-manufactured cubicles are used pieces of furniture and equipment that undergo a restoration process before they move on to a new home. In other words, they have been used in the past in other office buildings, but the re-manufacturing process restores them to like-new condition.

Several different types of re-manufactured cubicles exist. From glass panels to solid; from dividers to full modular set-ups; from empty to built-in furniture – the market contains plenty of options for a customized bullpen or cubicle design in your office.

Panel cores are the most commonly re-manufactured parts of cubicles. However, other parts of the cubicle are also subject to re-manufacturing, including the rails, work surfaces, end caps, and tack board fabrics.

What Are the Benefits of Re-manufactured Cubicles?
The most significant benefit of using re-manufactured cubicles for your office space lies in the cost savings. Instead of purchasing brand new cubicle supplies, you’re buying a kind of refurbished product that costs less to purchase and install.

The installation cost benefits stem from the ready availability of these products. Manufacturers like Cubiture keep these products on-hand, which means fewer shipping and installation charges.

Additionally, the materials themselves cost less. You gain a suite of ready-to-use cubicles, but the expenses don’t hit your bottom line nearly as hard. Business News Daily estimates that refurbished and re-manufactured cubicles cost an average of three times less than new cubicles.

Are Re-manufactured Cubicles Green?
When you install re-manufactured cubicles, your office setting becomes more environmentally friendly. Using recyclable materials to create your office furniture means you might qualify for LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Not only do green building practices save your business money, but they also improve your reputation in the industry and set your business apart from the competition. Customers, vendors, and other associates recognize your desire to reduce your business’s carbon footprint in a tangible way.

What is the Difference Between Re-manufactured and Refurbished Cubicles?
You might run into two types of used cubicles: refurbished and re-manufactured. Some companies use these terms interchangeably, while others use the terms synonymously.

In some cases, a re-manufactured cubicle has undergone rigorous testing and refurbishment by the original manufacturer. Refurbished cubicles, on the other hand, might have other origins. Talk with your manufacturer or dealer so you understand their definitions of the types of products they sell.

How Do You Buy Re-manufactured Cubicles?
When buying re-manufactured cubicles, stick with a company you can trust to deliver reliable, attractive furnishings for your office space. Cubiture, for example, offers free site-planning services to help you use your space more efficiently and to ensure product satisfaction.

Determine the type of re-manufactured cubicles you need, whether you prefer glass panels to admit more natural light or cubicles with more privacy.

Choosing cubicles for your office space requires careful consideration of your budget, space planning needs, employee requirements, and aesthetic preferences. Let us know how we can help you resolve your furniture and cubicle needs so your business operates as efficiently as possible.

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