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Secondhand Cubicle Workstations
June 25, 2015
Secondhand Cubicle Workstations

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When a business finds that it needs to buy cubicle workstations, the owner or managers have several questions to answer. First, are the cubicles they are considering new, refurbished or used? Second, are they affordable? Third, will they be able to qualify as “green” office equipment? This third consideration means the business can obtain LEED accreditation, which is granted by the United States Green Building Council.

Used Versus Refurbished Cubicle Workstations

“Used” and “refurbished” may have the same meaning to some people, but they actually have different meanings.

“Refurbished” workstations have been worked on, with parts removed and replaced, making them “like new,” even though they have been used by other businesses in the past. Because they have been refurbished, they will also perform like new workstations, holding up for several years down the road.

Depending on their sturdiness, used workstations can maintain their like-new look, especially if they have been well-cared for.

When a Business May Choose Used Workstations

Businesses have several reasons for choosing to buy used cubicle workstations. The company may need to replace only a small portion of its workstations. Or it may need to replace workstations that are showing their age, but plan to replace its entire stock in a few years.

When the owner or a manager knows that every workstation will be replaced in a few years, it makes good financial sense to choose previously used workstations. When a business is new and has to budget carefully, it also makes good sense to opt for used workstations. This way, the business can budget future profits for new workstations when it is on a stronger financial footing.

Buying Used Workstations is a “Green” Option

If the business looking for used workstations is looking for LEED certification, it should ask the cubicle manufacturer if the workstations it works on are refurbished with recycled or green materials.

If this is the case, the business will make the best decision in choosing a green manufacturer. This allows the managers or owner to begin the application process for LEED certification to the United States Green Building Council.

The environment benefits in other ways when businesses choose used or refurbished workstations. Rather than throwing entire groups of workstations into a landfill, they are closely inspected and then disassembled and reassembled, making them suitable for new customers. Fewer materials from the old workstations find their way to landfills.

Making the Best Choice

As businesses learn what they need to know to make the best choice for their needs, they also zero in on the manufacturers that are best equipped to help them buy new, used or refurbished cubicle workstations.

If these companies choose to order refurbished or used workstations, they will not only save thousands of dollars, but also help the environment.

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