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Pre-Owned Cubicles In Houston For Sale In Houston Texas - Used Office Furniture Store Near Me
June 3, 2015
Pre-Owned Cubicles In Houston For Sale

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Just because your budget is limited, that doesn’t mean you can’t afford great office furniture. Used cubicles in Houston might not be available at every furniture outlet, but you only need one. If it’s the right one, that is, and Cubiture is the one that has all of your needs covered.

Here’s what you should know about buying used cubicles in Houston:

Which Cubicle Styles are Available?
Cubicles were once fairly standard office furnishings. You could find steel frames with padded panels in the typical blues, greens, tans, and sometimes even reds. While you can still find those workhorse cubicles made by nearly every manufacturer, the choices have expanded to include models that are as stylish as they are functional.

Some cubicles come with wood veneers instead of padding, and some have colorful laminate surfaces. You can also locate used partitions with glass inserts, and all of these choices come in a wide range of heights from very low to tall enough to provide unsurpassed privacy.

You can find classic cubicles with a streamlined look, ones that have a more traditional appearance with wood trim, and many with modern curving lines. In fact, it might be easier to ask which styles are not available.

What Modification Options Are Possible?
If there is one drawback to used cubicles, it’s that you can’t look through a catalog and put together the system that you want. But that’s not really a drawback at all when you learn about the refurbishing and modification options that Cubiture offers.

At our in-house factory, we can take any cubicle and rework it to look brand new. The only materials that remain are those that you can’t even see. Like the lines of a set of partitions but hate the upholstery fabric? That’s not a problem; we can reupholster it. We can also modify partitions with glass inserts, which is a popular choice in an open-feel office.

If you need custom storage, you can have that, too. Our designers work with you to determine what you want, and then we fabricate and install it. Everything is done in Houston, so there’s no shipping your furniture off to parts unknown.

How Much Will Used Cubicles Cost?
If you ask how much a cubicle costs, you might get the age-old reply, “how long is a piece of rope?” There’s no definitive price range for any office furniture, and that’s because there are so many different choices that you can make.

A less expensive used partition set might cost a few hundred dollars. And then a designer set that’s in like-new condition would probably cost a lot more. It depends on the quality and the materials used to create the cubicle.

The other factor in used cubicle costs is whether you choose to upgrade and refurbish. But even though refurbishing transforms a used cubicle into one that’s virtually indistinguishable from new, you’ll still save a lot of money.

Used cubicles in Houston don’t have to pose a problem. They aren’t hard to find, not when you shop with Cubiture. And the choices and options aren’t as complicated as they seem, not when you work with our experienced professionals. We even have complimentary space planning to find the most efficient floorplan possible. Everything that you need, you’ll find at Cubiture.

Call us at 713-412-0900 for a free quote, or stop by and visit our showroom in person. We’re located at 10704 Telge Rd, Houston, TX 77095.

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