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Re-Manufactured Office Cubicles
June 24, 2015
Re-Manufactured Office Cubicles

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Whether the cubicle workstations a company buys are new, refurbished or even offered at wholesale prices, they have to be attractive, sturdy and give employees sufficient physical and personal space so they can work.

Wholesale Allows the Company to Save Money

Cubicle manufacturing companies arrive at the pricing for their workstations so that businesses can buy what they need even as they save money. Businesses that have just established themselves may most often be in the position of needing office supplies and furniture, without a large amount of capital to make those purchases.

This is when that business can find the office cubicles it needs. If the managers have explained that they don't have much money with which to work, the manufacturer can direct them to their wholesale offerings. These office cubicles don't have to look cheap. Manufacturers shift stock to wholesale status so they can make room for new stock.

Ensure that Employees Have the Work Space They Need

Whether sold at full price or wholesale, office cubicles must provide two

things to those who will be using them. Workers need to have the space they need to do their work and store their supplies and work materials. They also need to feel comfortable.

If the workstation is too small or too large for the worker, it will be harder for them to feel comfortable or even happy. That worker won't be as productive as workers whose workstations fit their needs.

Workstations don't have to look the same all across the office space. In fact, it's best to order different workstations that have been customized for different employee functions. It's the smart manager that requests input from his employees regarding which workstations would best suit their needs.

Look at the Physical Office Environment

Next, the managers should look carefully at the office space where the workstations will be placed. As they do so, they need to make note of how much space the workstations will occupy and whether workers will have enough space to walk between rows or groups of office cubicles. OSHA Regulations For Cubicles dictate how much space should be in between rows or groups.

What kinds of chairs, phones and computers will workers use? Will they need filing space for paperwork? These questions should also be answered as managers decide what types of workstations they need and how much they can afford to spend.

Workstations Don't Have to Look Cheap

“Wholesale” doesn't necessarily mean cheap, shoddy workstations. Wholesale workstations may have been used as demo models or they may be office cubicles from last year. If they have never been used, they will still be just as sturdy and attractive as they were on the day they were constructed.

Managers and business owners know this. With this thought in mind, they can seriously consider buying them and making shipment arrangements with the manufacturer. Once the new workstations have been assembled, workers can begin occupying them.

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