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Refurbished Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas
July 8, 2015
Refurbished Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas

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The time comes for every business when it begins to replace old furniture, electronics – and office cubicles. It could be that the current cubicles are beginning to show wear and tear, or they have reached the end of their effective use. The business may have budgeted funds for replacing cubicles, either in batches, by departments or all at one time. As the business makes plans to replace its current office cubicles, it has several factors to keep in mind.

Features Employees Need or Want

Workers who work inside cubicles may want to personalize their cubicle within the company's policies. It's easier to do so when the panels are made of a material that allows for the penetration of push pins or staples. A little extra room on the desk surface allows them to position small picture frames or something from home.

IT workers need to be able to focus on work, but they can't do that when they're surrounded by ambient office noise. For these employees, office cubicles with higher walls made from sound-deadening materials will help. While they won't eliminate 100 percent of the noise, they will lower it to a level where IT employees can stay focused longer.

Telemarketing companies utilize cubicles for their employees to make their quota of calls. While the dividing walls of these cubicles are lower, they should be high enough that workers won't be distracted by nearby coworkers.

Where to Shop for Office Cubicles

Cubicle manufacturers or office cubicle dealers are the best places for businesses to shop when they are in the market for new or refurbished office cubicles. As they are deciding where they will order their new cubicles, businesses should discuss how the office space is configured. This will affect the types of cubicles they can order. If they order a sufficient number of cubicles, but they are too large for the space, they will need to cancel that order and start from the beginning.

Next, the business needs to place its order with the cubicle company that can customize its cubicles to the business' specific needs. The best cubicle company stocks desk systems, cubicle doors, call center stations, chairs, office keyboard trays, office furniture and partitions for the cubicle systems it plans to order.

Typical Costs for Office Cubicles

Will the business be seeking high-end, mid-range or entry-level cubicles for its employees? Perhaps it plans to order several high-end cubicles for managers and entry-level cubicles for receptionists and clerks.

Office cubicle styles include freestanding cubicles that surround office furnishings and desks. Panel-mounted cubicles mount to the walls of the office, so these will be located on the perimeters of the space. One attraction: They are highly versatile.

Next, managers need to consider the size of each cubicle. These range from 6×6, 6×8 and 8×8.

Each of these cubicles will come with a different price. Overall, the business should plan on spending a minimum of $500 to $2,000 per cubicle. The inclusion of delivery, installation and taxes depends on the individual cubicle manufacturer.

Cubiture Can Help

Before a business or its managers decides where to order its next set of cubicles from, it should discuss its needs with the experts at Cubiture. From style, options and features, and cost, the experts can help.

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