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July 16, 2015

A curved reception desk adds more class and panache to the office's reception area. Because this area of the business is the first that visitors see, it is critical for the managers to choose carefully. They want to impress visitors and business owners with whom they hope to do business. When someone comes into the office for a job interview, he may create a different impression of the office when he sees a curved reception desk with a higher profile.

Features and Styles Available

Before anything else, the receptionist needs room to store everything she will be working with. She wants to keep her working area neat and in order so that, when visitors come in, they will receive the best, most correct impression of the business. If the receptionist is elbow-deep in documents, envelopes, mailing labels and packages of paper, she will inadvertently send the wrong image to incoming visitors.

Next, the desk should have a cutout where electrical, phone and USB cords can snake through to the bottom of the desk. If the receptionist is able to keep these cords relatively neat, they won't intrusively show up, leading to a sloppy appearance.

Finally, the receptionist needs filing space for any paperwork she may be responsible for doing. To enable her to keep her working area as neat as possible, she should also have plenty of storage space for her working supplies. She needs a locking drawer where she can store her purse so it stays safe while she is working.

Where to Shop

Office supply stores and office furniture stores are most likely to have what the business is looking for. If the store has an online presence, this makes it easier for businesses and managers to find descriptions of the desks they are interested in learning more.

As the company researches available stock, they should search out price and any alternative materials or colors in which the desks may come. The business may like a particular desk made in one color, but needs to have the desk in a different color or shade of wood. Seeing what is available online clues them in and alerts them to the need to request different material colors, for instance.

Typical Cost of a Reception Desk

These desks are the first point of contact for visitors. This means the company will have to invest considerable money into this one piece of furniture. Because the desk needs to have so many features, such as storage, this will factor into the price as well.

Curved reception desks may more closely resemble an “L” or they may be a half-circle. The prices of each can start at approximately $2,500 and rise as high as about $4,500. If the reception area holds two employees, the price will be higher.

Allow Cubiture to Help

The office design and furniture experts at Cubiture can help businesses and managers to find the reception desks they need. Once the managers let the experts at Cubiture know what they need, they can relax, knowing that Cubiture will help them find just what they need. Contact us today.

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