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Refurbished Modular Office Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas
July 9, 2015

Refurbished Modular Office Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas

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It’s understandable that companies, their employees, owners and managers, may not understand everything they need to know about modular office cubicles. After all, people only spend the day working in them. Depending on the design and look of an individual cubicle, its occupant may love or hate working in it. Don’t lull yourself into believing that the office cubicle has no secrets to give up.

How Different One Office Cubicle Can Be From Another

From the small, utilitarian cubicle that telemarketers use as they work to the more-ornate and larger cubicles used by engineers, clerks, IT personnel and human resources workers, the spaces they occupy can differ widely. The colors, layouts and features available in one cubicle can distinguish it from the cubicle used by another worker.

Office cubicles can be constructed so they provide unexpected and imaginative uses of space, leaving the occupant the room she needs to move around, make phone calls, work on documents, print them out and file paperwork she handles. Managers may have glass panels installed in their cubicles so they can keep an eye on the work their employees are doing.

Desirable Features and Styles

The first thing managers and workers are going to ask for is space. Even if the cubicle is only 6×6, it can be configured to make good use of the space it takes up – by being built upward. That worker can store office supplies and files in an overhead storage/filing cabinet.

The office equipment the worker uses is powered by electricity and connected to the Internet via a cord or a wireless router. At the least, the cubicle has to be equipped with electrical connections. Speaking of the Internet, more and more cubicle-dwelling employees use multiple electronic items, such as desktop computers and/or laptops. They may also use smaller tablets and connectable keyboards to get their work done. Some of these items have to be charged regularly. They may connect via a USB port so the worker can download needed data.

While this feature isn’t as important as space or electrical outlets, the look of the cubicle plays an important part in the worker’s ability to be fairly happy and highly productive. If she hates the look of a monochrome, dull cubicle, her productivity will be affected by her emotional attitude. Therefore, managers should include looks in the features they consider.

Look at the Typical Costs of the Modular Office Cubicle

Companies should determine how many cubicles they need in the following categories: entry-level, mid-level and high-end. Basic cubicles cost less while high-end cubicles, made with materials that rival that of a site-built office, will be more costly.

What options does the company want or need? These could range from free-standing cubicles and panel-mounted cubicles to partitions covered with fabric or those finished with wood. Fabric-covered partitions are less expensive while wood-finished partitions will cost more.

Smaller cubicles will cost less. However, if the company’s workers need more quiet or privacy, the divider partitions will have to be taller. These, too, will cost more.

Bring Your Business to Cubiture

Companies searching for new or refurbished modular office cubicles can speak with the office furniture experts at Cubiture, where they will learn everything they need to know before they begin making decisions.

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