Modular Office Furniture Cubicles On Sale At FR-465

Modular Office Furniture Cubicles For Sale In Houston, TX
July 1, 2015
Modular Office Furniture Cubicles For Sale In Houston, TX

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Offices across the country are looking at the space and storage needs for themselves and their workers. By going out to their office spaces and closely observing what their workers are doing, managers and owners can develop good insights about their current setups. Are their current arrangements working? Why or why not? If not, how are they determining what their employees need?

What Happens With the Current Cubicle Configuration?

That business manager standing at the entrance to the cubicles and looking around, often jotting down notes, may be observing to see if his workers are well-served by the current cubicle configuration. He may be noticing that the mobile workers who just came in are wandering around, looking for an empty space in which to sit and get their work done. He may see one cubicle packed with three or more workers as they confer together on a project.

For both of these scenarios, the workers may not have enough space to do their work. Looking at another situation, technology has exploded. Not only do workers use desktops and laptops, they are plugged in with smartphones and tablets. Many use all of these as they do their work. Do their workstations support all of that technology? It's not very likely.

Do Workers Have Enough Space?

Returning to the mobile worker and those who are working on multi-person teams, companies will go far in increasing the comfort level and even the feeling of “being wanted” by adjusting their configurations of cubicles.

Take the multi-person teams working in one cubicle and trying to make do with too little space. These teams could be housed in larger modular workstations. Considering the mobile workers who come into the office, if they know that, when they come in, they will be able to find an office space dedicated to them, they will be much more likely to produce their best work for the company.

Look at the mobile workstations currently in use. If they do not allow today's workers to use all the technology they are required to use as they do their work, they are going to be slowed down.

Are Mobile Workers Supported?

Returning to mobile workers, managers would do well to observe them as they try to find a space where they can work without being disturbed, uprooted and made to move, sometimes several times in a shift.

These workers have to have easy access to their coworkers, data, technology, electric outlets and a good workspace. They also need to be able to stash backpacks, purses and computer bags safely when they aren't using them.

Are Multi-Person Operations or Projects Given Sufficient Space?

Three or more persons are assigned to work on a large project, but they don't have enough room. By default, they are going to decide to work in the cubicle that gives them the most space, but that space may still be too small.

Knowing this, managers need to include workstations that accommodate multi-person teams that have sufficient computer and storage space, electrical outlets and seating/work space.

The experts at Cubiture know about the current work trends and will be able to help companies as they bring their cubicle work spaces into the 21st century.

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