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Refurbished Modular Workstations
July 9, 2015

Flexibility. Above all, modular workstations offer businesses the ability to configure each station so it works best for the employee who will be using it. Some employees use more than one computer, so they need extra desk space. Others need additional storage space because of the volume of paperwork they handle. Still others need extra privacy because the confidentiality of the materials they handle demands secrecy.

What to Know About Modular Workstations

The modular workstation can be as simple as a corner desk that offers extra workspace. In this configuration, the worker can shift from area to area as she completes her work. Or she could be teamed up with another employee, working as a member of a small team.

Another configuration is the four-person L-desk. Here, four people work in a pod, separated by high divider walls and overhead storage. While the real estate each worker has is small, she will have sufficient room to work, move and store her paperwork.

Next, the cube with a corner desk allows both privacy and space. In here, the HR worker can handle confidential personnel documents, knowing that he will be able to keep private information safe.

Most Desirable Features in Workstations

Businesses and their employees need to determine what features are the most desirable for them. From adaptability and strength to simplicity and modularity, the business has to figure out which ones they are going to choose.

Other features include secure storage, mobility, visibility, companion storage and even aesthetics. Depending on those the company opts for, they should be able to obtain these from the company that will be providing their next modular workstations.

Two other features are important to labs: clean room certification and electrostatic control. Because of the work they do, the environment should meet precise conditions. The modular workstation company should be able to reassure the company that it will meet those conditions.

Companies needing specific features should be direct and firm about them, especially if their ability to make their work product depends on the office or lab environment.

This doesn't mean that aesthetics, or looks aren't important. They are, especially if the workstations will be visible to visiting clients. The company's owner wants to reassure customers and clients that his business is strong. Having high-quality, attractive modular workstations for his staff allows him to do so.

Typical Cost of a Modular Workstation

Whether they are new or refurbished, the modular workstations being bought shouldn't break a company's budget. Refurbished workstations look “like new,” but they can cost the company as much as 50 to 60 percent less than a new workstation.

Adding features to workstations (customizing) adds to their cost. Most features are necessary, such as adding an electrical outlet or additional storage. Overhead storage may also boost the price of a workstation, but if it gives workers the space they need to store everything they use, the expenditure will become a small investment.

How Cubiture Can Help

The furniture experts at Cubiture can help companies, their owners and managers when it is time to order new or refurbished modular workstations. Contact us when you are ready to begin talking about the needs of your company.

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