What Makes a Great Office Cubicle Manufacturer?

What Makes a Great Office Cubicle Manufacturer?
July 15, 2015
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Unlike potted ferns and Restoration Hardware-inspired wall art, office cubicle furniture serves more than an aesthetic purpose. It directly impacts productivity, efficiency, and comfort among your employees, so finding a great office cubicle manufacturer should take top priority.

Product Range

A cubicle manufacturer that stands by a flagship line or configuration and touts it as a one-size-fits-all solution might not work for your business. In fact, a limited product range signals a lack of understanding in terms of how businesses work.

You want a cubicle manufacturer that offers numerous options in terms of desk heights, chair sizes, unit spacing, finishes and colors, power access, and visibility levels, among others. Diversity in the product range provides you with a broader range of customization options.


Ergoweb, a job assessment software company, reports that factors like climate control and workstation flexibility play a large role in office productivity. If you want your employees to stay on task and complete projects accurately, work with an office cubicle manufacturer that values ergonomics.

Ergonomically-correct seating and workstation configurations not only improve productivity, but enhance worker satisfaction. If you make your employees comfortable, they will work harder for you and your business – and take their jobs much more seriously.


A great office furniture manufacturer considers both form and function in designing its products. You want furniture that reflects your business's aesthetic and values. For example, if you run a vibrant and high-energy outbound call center, you might want colorful, modern telemarketing cubicles.

Consider the space plan for your office as well as the colors and finishes already present in the building. A cohesive environment that flows together seamlessly presents fewer distractions and welcomes visitors more effectively.


While price shouldn't rise to the top of your list of priorities, it still merits consideration, especially when you're staring down the barrel of a quarterly expense statement and wondering how you'll squeeze office furniture into another line on the spreadsheet.

If you choose a cubicle manufacturer with a broad product range, as advised above, you'll enjoy more options in terms of price. When brand new furniture doesn't fit the bottom line, research manufacturers you like, then pursue used office cubicles instead. As long as you select high-quality pre-owned furniture, you'll derive the same benefit from it that you would have enjoyed with brand new products.


Consider the speed and cost of installation when choosing an office cubicle manufacturer. What if you need to move the furniture into a new configuration six months down the road? Can you accomplish the task quickly and easily?

Modular office furniture makes changes like this much less stressful. However, whether you go with a modular product or not, you'll want to find out how much effort is required to shift desks, partitions, and other components into new arrangements.


Slightly different from product range, variety refers to the different types of furniture you might need. For example, you might require group cubicles to facilitate collaborative projects in one department, then smaller, one-person cubicles for another.

Choosing a great office cubicle manufacturer provides you with all the resources you need to create a productive, efficient workplace. Don't discount the importance of this factor as you furnish your office space.

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