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Used Office Space Cubicles Houston
July 2, 2015
Used Office Space Cubicles Houston

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Several office space cubicle manufacturers and wholesalers are located within Houston. It's not an easy job to contact each company to find out what products and services they offer, but business managers and owners have to do their due diligence before ordering new or used office cubicles for their staffs.

Research Office Cubicle Manufacturers

Whether online or through the phone book, managers begin their search for new office cubicles by doing detailed research. Before they begin their search, they should have their questions written out and ready to ask as they contact cubicle manufacturers and wholesalers.

Some of these questions should include whether the cubicles can be reconfigured as needed; if an office maintenance worker can do the reconfiguration or if the business should call the manufacturer to help with new cubicle arrangements; questions about warranties; are the cubicles made using recycled materials.

Find Out What These Companies Offer

Once the above questions have been answered, the managers aren't done. They still need to ask more questions. This time, those questions focus on the services the manufacturer offers to companies that order their products.

These questions should include what the manufacturer does if a cubicle is defective or needs repairs; what services the manufacturer offers once the purchase has been completed; if the manufacturer sends workers to the business when it needs to place unused cubicles in storage or when those stored cubicles are needed.

Determine Whether Their Services Meet Your Company's Needs

Now that all of these questions have been asked and answered, the managers need to sit down and decide which manufacturer will best meet their cubicle provision needs. Here, the notes that managers took will make the decision process a little easier.

Once the managers know which office cubicle manufacturer will fill their needs for new or refurbished office cubicles, it's time to decide on cubicle styles. Managers know what atmosphere they need to create in their offices. With this, they will be able to choose between monolithic or frame tile cubicles. In addition, they need to decide whether they will be ordering a few glass office cubicles that enclose employees in a clear, quiet space. If so, they will have to identify who will get those spaces and why. Generally, employees who need to work in a quiet area, such as IT and creative workers, will be placed in glass cubicles. Employees handling sensitive information should also be given first consideration for these spaces.

Narrow Down Your Choice

Now, it's time for managers to confer with their staffers so they can find out what they need and want. Some workers need several electrical outlets while others need additional desk space. Others would like the chance to personalize their cubicles with paintings, charming wall calendars and their children's artwork.

Today's employees are highly connected to the Internet. Some have dual monitor computers, tablets and laptops. Others need large, powerful printers and multi-function centers so they can carry out all of their job responsibilities more easily. Management should ask every worker, “What do you need in a new cubicle that would make your working day easier?”

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