Secondhand Cubicles
July 15, 2015
Secondhand Cubicles

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While brand new office furniture might sound like the best solution to an empty office space, secondhand office cubicles offer considerable savings without an accompanying drop in quality. As long as you select used furniture and materials with an eye to these factors, you might find you can’t tell the difference at all.

Gauging Price

Cost is the primary reason business owners consider secondhand office cubicles over the brand new variety. According to All Business, companies can save 50 percent or more on their office furniture by purchasing used.

The precise savings depends on the manufacturer, the dealer, and the condition of the cubicles. If you want the best quality cubicles, consider purchasing secondhand models so the price and quality balance out. You won’t get less use out of furniture just because someone else used it first.

Comparison shopping helps you determine the average price for a particular cubicle based on its age and condition. However, it also pays to jump on a great deal before someone else can snag it, especially if you need to furnish your office space quickly.

Evaluating Quality

Since businesses often discard their furniture after only a few years of use, it’s relatively easy to find pieces without obvious signs of wear and tear. If, when you think of secondhand furniture, you picture dented desktops, creaky casters, and peeling partitions, take a look at Cubiture’s inventory to put your mind at ease.

Your definition of quality might differ from that of other people. Make a list of the qualities you desire in office cubicles, then start your search with those factors in mind. For example, you might want a certain type of finish or a super-modern design. You can find high-quality cubicles in both new and secondhand models.

Saving the Environment

As mentioned above, businesses frequently discard their cubicles in favor of new models after a relatively short period of time. Cubicles might wind up on the market again for other reasons, as well, such as an unexpected business bankruptcy or premature closing.

When you buy secondhand cubicles, you rescue those pieces from the landfills. If a business gets rid of cubicles because they change their office’s design aesthetic or because they want to stay up to date, you can rest assured that those pieces won’t be defective or substandard in any way.

Buying Secondhand Cubicles

When you’re ready to start shopping, visit Cubiture online or our office furniture showroom in West Houston. We can help you find the perfect cubicles for your office space.

Determine how many cubicles you need and what features you need them to have. For example, you might want tall partitions to provide your employees with privacy and to block noise as much as possible. Knowing this in advance helps you speed up the shopping process.

In many cases, buying secondhand office cubicles allows you to obtain the pieces faster than if you’d bought new. You don’t have to wait for the manufacturer to process and ship your order, so if you’re in a bind in terms of furnishing your office space, secondhand cubicles might offer the best solution.

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