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Used Wall Panels For Sale Houston
July 16, 2015
Used Wall Panels For Sale Houston

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Wall panels? Simply described, these are portable dividers between office cubicle systems. They offer privacy and help to deflect some of the ambient sounds present in a large office atmosphere. Some panels may separate two sets of workers from each other. They’ll still be able to see each other, but the height of the panels helps them to avoid distractions so they can get their assigned work done and sent to the next level.

Wall Panel Features and Styles

Made from metal, glass, plastic and fabric, wall panels offer some style to the office cubicle environment. When set edge to edge, they create short walls and pathways so workers can go from their cubicle to another area of the office. In short, they create organization.

When the business sets up cubicle desks in a long line, with each worker facing another worker, a short wall panel can be installed in between each row of work areas. In addition, employees can personalize their portion. If they have to keep track of many important details, workers can also jog their memories with sticky notes stuck to the wall itself.

Looking at some wall panel systems, they can add an increased design element and a sense of sophistication to some offices. Even if the only people to populate these offices see the wall panels, they can still enjoy working in a more upscale setting.

Other panels may be used to separate two or more sets of cubicles. When employees in one department are housed near the employees in another department, it helps to create a physical line of separation.

Where to Find Wall Panels

Office supply websites, stores and office furniture stores/websites are the best options for businesses to go to when it is time to buy new wall panels and/or office cubicles.

Web sites offer businesses the advantage of being able to see the panels once they have been set up in an office environment. Businesses and managers will be able to choose from a wide array of wall panels.

Typical Costs of Wall Panels

Because they are smaller and made from smaller amounts of material, panel systems won’t cost as much as office cubicles. Depending on the fabric used in their construction, a typical panel can cost slightly more than $200 and go up to about $1,500.

Wall panels that divide one cubicle from another will cost a little bit more. Depending upon their height, these can run from $500 to $600 each.

Office supply companies and business stores will include the hardware used to connect panel systems to cubicles. If the wall panel is free-standing, it will come with a foot kit, which is installed when it has been delivered to the company’s office.

Cubiture Can Help

After a company has decided that it is time to order and install new wall panels, they need to be able to decide easily what they need. The office supply experts can help business owners and managers to figure out what they need, then place the order. If the wall panels will be customized, Cubiture can help with this, as well.

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