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August 10, 2015
Conference Table For Sale

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Companies large and small hold meetings in which people are physically present. Meeting attendees need to be able to fit around a conference room table so they can discuss the topic of the meeting.

Boardroom Size

Conference room tables are usually about 24 inches deep and 60 inches wide. The conference room where business managers plan to hold meetings should be big enough to accommodate, not only the table, but all of the chairs that will be occupied.

If only a few people are in attendance at the meeting, managers or board chairpersons may decide to stack unused chairs to get them out of the way.

Conference Table Shape

Not every conference table will be a long rectangle. Other table shapes may be more suitable, such as an oval or boat-shaped table. If the boardroom is small to medium, an octagonal table may fit the business' needs more than a circular or oval table.

Conference room tables with different shapes can also add a visual note of interest to the conference room, especially when a low table decoration is added. Before anyone adds a low vase of silk flowers, they should remember that people will bring notebooks, pens and laptops to meetings.

Conference Table Materials

People in charge of choosing a company's new conference table should also look at what the table is made of. If employees and clients customarily bring beverages, cold and hot, into meetings, someone could spill something and potentially cause damage to the table's surface.

The materials used include laminates, which are sealed with a thermosetting resin. This is a strong material and won't fade.

Engineered woods, such as particle board and medium-density fiberboard are affordable, feel like real wood and are strong.

Wood veneers are made with pressure and heat, using real wood. This gives the conference table the look of real wood without costing too much money.

Finally, genuine wood is also used to make conference tables. This is the most expensive option available.

Seating Spaces Needed

How many people will typically attend meetings and how large is the conference room? Business owners want to have a table large enough to hold everyone, but still allow easy movement throughout the room.

The smallest table, which holds four to six people, is about 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep. The largest, which holds 22 to 24 people, is about 288 inches wide and 58 inches deep.

Types of Conference Table Bases

The base of a conference table should allow all to sit comfortably without banging their knees or toes against the bottom. Two or three vertical slabs support the table.

Pedestal bases, which look like cylinders, support the center or both ends of the table and the trestle base has two T-shape uprights connected by a narrow base at the bottom. Finally, legs or posts can support the table.

Price Ranges

Depending on materials, conference tables can range in price from about $300  and up. Size is a factor, with smaller tables costing less.

As managers and business owners weigh their options, they should visit several office furniture stores before making their choice.

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