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Cool Office Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas
August 11, 2015

Cool Office Cubicle Design

From the larger cubicles that accommodate two employees to those that will easily hold one employee, businesses have several choices to make. When it comes to workstations that are on sale, the business that is weighing its options before making the final decision has to make sure that price isn't the only factor it considers – or it will choose the wrong cubicles and employees will be unhappy.

Options Available

Workers may be happy with the U-shape desk suite because it gives them lots of desktop real estate and space to spread papers out. This type of station should also come with, at least, an attached two-drawer filing cabinet. To keep noise levels low, panels can be added to deflect sound coming from other office areas.

A workstation that accommodates four workers is the ideal choice for small work-groups. Because they share projects and possibly, work responsibilities, being located in the same cubicle group can help them to make good progress in their work.

An employee responsible for their own work and not needing to interact with other employees would best be suited in a workstation that is closed on all four sides with an opening for chairs and the employee and/or manager. Here, the worker has sufficient room to move and work.

Deciding on the Best Office Cubicle Options

Companies working to decide what kinds of cubicles to order should answer several questions: Does the business have a physical layout that works well? Is its workflow efficient?

Do teams of workers collaborate among each other? Does anyone truly need a private office?

Has the company allowed room for future expansion? How much space does each worker need?

Managers should look at traffic patterns and how far workers have to walk to get to another worker's station so they can work together. If the business hasn't worked on this, it should create a flowchart of these physical movements before it begins choosing cubicles. If current traffic patterns aren't efficient, this will become evident in the flowchart.

Workers are assigned to work with each other, sometimes long-term, on projects. To maximize everyone's time, the business needs to know how close together various team members are. Current and future needs should be considered before a decision is made on which cubicles to order. Many employees will lobby managers for a private office, with the argument that their work is critical to the company or that, because they work with private information, they should be housed in a private office. Again, this should be considered before the order for new cubicles is made.

Companies grow and shrink all the time. As the business looks at the room for expansion question, it needs to physically walk and inspect each square foot of space. Future growth should also be planned. Based on these numbers, the company can then order new cubicles that will fit in the most efficient configuration. Two factors affect the space for each worker question: Storage space and desk/work space. If the square footage won't allow for outward expansion, storage can move upward, into overhead storage bins. Workers assigned to common projects can share storage space and, if they work in a shared cubicle, work-space.

How Cubiture Can Help

Cubiture is aware of every factor facing businesses as they deal with expansion and work-space. Business owners and managers can draw on the expertise of staff members as they consider their cubicle needs.

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