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An office does not have to sacrifice style for functionality. With so many office furniture choices available, you can design your home office to look visually appealing and still be highly functional. There is no reason why the home office cannot be both an office and an area of your home where you can also relax while enjoying added living space.

Here are a few ideas to make your home office stylish and functional.


All home offices need a office desk and ergonomic chair, but why not make the office a cozy den? You could add a sofa to enjoy an afternoon siesta or for the kids to lounge on while they visit with you. You can place pillows on the sofa and a throw to make it even more appealing. You can add a recliner or lounge chair to the area for a guest or family member to seek comfort or for you to escape the confines of your desk chair and work with your laptop.


Is your home office floor tile or wood? A decorative throw rug laid in the middle of the floor makes the room feel more inviting. A rug will also help the office retain heat during the winter months. With a rug, you might also be inclined to slip off your shoes and work barefoot for a true sense of home office freedom.

Bookcases and Shelves

Personalize your home office space with bookcases and shelves. On the shelves, you can place collectibles, family photos or other knick knacks that have sentimental appeal. Bookcases can hold files, books and other important items.

Window Coverings

Sunlight is often a refreshing respite when working during daylight hours, but in some instances you might want to block out the light to see the computer screen better or give your eyes a needed rest. Blinds, drapes or curtains provide visual appeal to your office space and are also highly functional. Even a combination of blinds and drapes might be the perfect match to your overall design scheme.


An office in your home is more than just an office, it’s also a room of your home and should reflect that distinction. Personalizing the room with family photos, paintings, and other items lets it retain its homey feel but lets the room remain highly effective as the place you work. Hanging decorative wall mirrors in a small office creates the illusion of added square footage. Mirrors also reflect light throughout the room to provide a bright environment.


Live plants have been shown to provide relaxation while cleaning the air. A few plants placed strategically around the office is often the ideal finishing touch to any space. If you can’t keep live plants alive, you can opt to purchase silk, imitation plants to decorate the room.

Working from home is a joy and luxury. Creating a space that provides you with comfort and functional ease will not only add to your home’s appeal but also create a satisfying work environment for you.

At Cubiture, you can find a wide assortment of office furnishings such as desks, chairs, filing cabinets and bookshelves to decorate your home office and create your own sense of style.

USA FREE SHIPPING! Call Us For A FREE Home Office Furniture Quote 713-412-0900
Visit Our Office Furniture Showroom Located at 10704 Telge Rd, Houston, TX 77095.

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