Ten Benefits Of An Electric Adjustable Height Desk RAP-100

Ergonomic Adjustable Height Desks For Sale In Houston, Texas
August 28, 2015
Ergonomic Adjustable Height Desk For Sale

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An electric adjustable height desk is one of the newest innovative pieces of office furniture to hit the market. It will give your lobby, cubicle or office space a modern look. However, an electric height adjustable is more than just looks It's also a functional piece of office furniture with numerous benefits.

Here are 10 of the biggest benefits to adding an electric height adjustable desk to your office decor:

1. Ability to Stand

An electric height adjustable desk is also known as a standing desk. You can stand beside the desk and perform your daily duties without having to get up and down all day. Your freedom of motion is no longer hindered by a chair.

2. Increased Energy

Your energy levels will increase from standing behind an adjustable desk because you won't experience the natural physical fatigue that sitting behind a desk can create.

3. Freedom of Choice

With an adjustable desk, you have the freedom to choose if you sit or stand. At Cubiture, you can purchase a desk with an adjustable height range from 24 inches to 51 inches. By pressing a button, the electric desk will either rise or lower to fit your mood or job's function.

4. Control Weight

Standing helps burn calories, which will help you control weight.

5. Reduction in Aches and Pains

Physical movement throughout the day has been shown to reduce body aches and pains, according to the Harvard Medical School.

6. Improved Posture

Sitting behind a desk all day can cause you to start slouching. A standing desk naturally improves your posture.

7. Better Customer Relations

When a customer walks into a lobby, they generally prefer to walk up to a standing desk to do business. An adjustable desk in a lobby allows your office worker to sit during down time and stand when greeting or handling customer needs.

8. Avoid Future Back Problems

Sitting all day often leads to back problems. Varying your day with sitting and standing by using an adjustable desk may help prevent future back problems.

9. Requires Less Office Space

An adjustable desk requires less office space so is often an ideal piece of furniture for an office that has space constraints.

10. Ideal Fit

An adjustable desk offers the ideal fit for any office worker. Often workers that suffer from a handicap or are in a wheelchair have a difficult time working at a conventional desk, but with an adjustable desk they can pick and choose the height that fits their unique set of needs.

At Cubiture, you can find the perfect adjustable desk to fit your office needs. The electric height adjustable desks at Cubiture are made in the USA from environmentally friendly materials. Each desk has wire management. You can also purchase desks with cross support. Innovative and modern, Cubiture's electric height adjustable desks are all made from extruded aluminum for an eye-catching appearance.

Visit Cubiture's Office Furniture Showroom Located at 10704 Telge Rd, Houston, TX 77095. At their showroom, you can take a closer look at their full line of electric adjustable desks to pick out a model that will work for you. Contact us today.

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