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Ergonomic Office Furniture For Sale In Houston, Texas
August 27, 2015
Ergonomic Office Furniture For Sale In Houston, Texas

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The term “ergonomic furniture” became a big business buzzword several years ago – but is it really just a buzzword? As it turns out, no. The developers and inventors of ergonomic office furniture knew what they were thinking and talking about, because office furniture that doesn't respect the human body is bad for office workers.

Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture

People who work at desk jobs usually spend most of their day sitting at their desks, working on a computer, writing information on a notepad, talking on the phone and staring at a computer monitor screen. If they don't use furniture that has been specially designed to the contours of the human body, these office workers are going to pay the price.

If office managers and business owners don't pay attention to the needs of their employees, those workers will develop a repetitive stress injury or RSI. Their shoulders, necks and backs will develop painful knots because of physical stress. Even their eyesight could suffer if they aren't given the time they need for breaks away from the computer screen.

Chairs should have arm rests that allow the worker's shoulders and arms to relax when not typing. The seat cushion should be comfortable, with enough “give” that the worker can sit for several minutes at a time without becoming uncomfortable. The seat height should be adjustable so the worker's thighs are parallel to the floor while her feet are flat on the floor. The backrest should be adjustable so the worker doesn't stress her back. Lumbar support is vital for lower back support.

The desk should be roomy enough that the worker can position her keyboard, monitor and mouse close together – and so she can keep needed supplies close by without having to stretch uncomfortably to retrieve them.

Speaking of electronics, the monitor should be positioned roughly an arm's length away from where the worker sits. Her mouse and keyboard should be at a height that allows her to bend her elbows at a 90 degree angle. This allows her to keep her wrists straight as she types.

The desk‘s height (which coordinates with the height of the seat of her chair) should allow the worker to keep her elbows at that 90 degree angle.

Drawbacks of Non-Ergonomic Furniture

Workers who have taken work home and tried to work at the kitchen table can probably fill several books with the futility of their efforts. First, they were physically uncomfortable. These workers probably used a kitchen chair, which didn't conform to their body's contours. The computer monitor and keyboard weren't at the right height, which forced the worker to adjust physically. This need to adjust to the new placement of her computer probably led to significant distraction as she tried to work.

Finally, in the office, if the worker's supervisors aren't mindful of the dangers of developing eye strain, they probably don't allow their workers to take frequent breaks to rest their eyes. If they were aware, they would require every worker to take five-minute breaks from the computer for every 30 minutes of work; or they would put the 20-20-20 rule in place (take 20 seconds to look at an object 20 feet away from the worker every 20 minutes).

Ask Cubiture.Com Experts For Help

Every Cubiture furniture expert is aware of the need for ergonomic adjustments. They are aware of the ergonomic qualities built into their furniture. If office managers or business owners aren't aware of what their workers need, our experts can help them out.

USA FREE SHIPPING! Call Us For A FREE Ergonomic Office Furniture Quote 713-412-0900
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