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August 27, 2015

One of the first steps in creating a working environment that offers a professional appeal is to furnish your office with executive office furniture. An office that is tastefully and comfortably furnished will not only be a place that you feel at ease working, but it will also create the correct atmosphere for your clients to relax and get down to business.


The office chair is often an underrated piece of furniture. You might think that any chair will do, but the reality is that the office chair is one the most important pieces of furniture in your entire office scheme. You often spend eight or ten hours a day sitting in the chair, so a comfortable chair is a must-have.


A high-end luxurious leather office chair will last for years, provide comfort and look visually appealing behind an office desk. Leather is also available in a wide array of colors such as white, black, brown, cream, blues or greens. A high-back, swivel chair lets you sit back and relax while twisting and turning to reach various items such as files, the phone and your computer without ever having to get out of your chair.


Modern office chairs are usually a combination of mesh, cloth material, and high-quality plastics. Many feature a headrest to relieve pressure in your neck and others often have a curvature that provides back support. The overall look is usually quite modern and even “space-age.” A modern desk chair might not fit into your office decorating scheme if your desk is high-quality wood, buy if your desk is manufactured of resins or other hip material, a modern day ergo dynamic chair might be just the ticket.

Combination Modern and Classic

Office chairs that combine a modern appearance with the classic basics have recently become the rage in executive office furniture. High-quality nylon material successfully imitates the luxurious feel of leather at a fraction of the cost. You can also opt to have an over-stuffed nylon chair for even added comfort. If you want a low-back office chair or a high-back office chair, it is your decision based on your own personal comfort and sense of style.


The office desk needs to fit your office space. You should avoid purchasing a desk that is too large or overwhelming for the square footage. Ideally, the office desk should sit in the room without monopolizing the room. You should have an adequate area to walk around the desk and even have enough area to place filing cabinets or bookshelves.

Traditional Desk

A traditional desk can be made of wood, plastics, wood fibers or other resins. It usually features a table top supported by desk drawers on either side. The traditional desk is highly functional. A desk manufactured from real wood is high-end and has great visual appeal, but recent innovations in imitation, cost-efficient desk materials have made the use of a real wood desks less popular.


The L-Shaped desk offers more tabletop area and usually more storage. It tends to provide a more executive feel to an office than the smaller traditional desk. An L-shaped desk can be made of wood, plastic, wood fiber or other resins.

Tabletop Desk

The table-top desk is like having a table for a desk. It is a modern look, but the desk has no storage or desk drawers.

Executive office furniture choices have never been better. There is something to fit every taste and design. After you have equipped your office with the essentials — desk and chair — it’s time to shop for filing cabinets, bookshelves, and other decorative items to create a true executive feel. Contact us today.

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