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August 18, 2015

Home offices don’t have to look like “the office.” In fact, those who work from home may best serve their needs by using what they already have at home, such as the decor in the room they have selected as their office. To create that office space, they can scour Internet listings to find bookcases, desks and storage ideas that will complement the room’s decor.

Scale it Small

If the space in the home is too small for a regular sized desk or other office furnishings, the business owner still has options open to her. These include finding smaller pieces that still enable her to store inventory, books, files, office supplies and a laptop computer.

Look Up

Continuing with the “small space” theme, the office worker can remove a closet door from its hinges and make the space within her office. Instead of spreading out from her desk, which can be a length of sturdy board, she can go up to store office supplies and files. While she may need to keep a step stool handy, so she can reach the highest shelves.

The Corner Office

If the home office can’t be placed in its own room, a corner of a room can suffice. The business owner can get imaginative and buy a hutch-style desk. On top of the desk portion, the hutch stands and hold smaller office supplies and a few decorative pieces. (Hint: The “desk” is actually a dresser with a swing-down desktop on which the business owner works.)

No Wasted Space

A small nook can hold a small home office. In the space of a few weekends, a handy person can create a custom-built desk that holds everything the business owner needs. To the side a cushioned seat that lifts up can hide office supplies.

Double-Duty Furniture

Sometimes, the office worker has no choice but to locate her office in a corner of her bedroom. Here, she can keep the office space small and, again, extend her space upward so she has room for her computer, pen, pad and a few office supplies.

Unleashing Personality

If space isn’t an issue, the business owner can unleash her imagination and create just the work space she needs. Again, by scouring the Internet, she can find the desk, bookshelves and possibly a stylish hutch to hold everything.

Colorful and Modern

Working from home, the business owner can indulge her love of color just as much as she wants. Brightly colored chairs, binders, filing cabinets and wall art create a unique office space.

Make a Desk Space

Continuing the creative theme, the business owner can create an office that’s just as feminine as she wants. Sparkly fabrics, a patterned rug and matching storage trays help to establish that environment.

Blend In

Blend the office space into the current decor of the chosen room. Rather than bringing office furniture in that clashes with the decor, choose pieces that blend in. Flowery wallpaper? Choose a desk with a distressed surface and an office chair covered in a complimentary fabric.

Narrow Space

A long, narrow room can easily hold an office. Have a long desk built into one wall and incorporate as much storage as needed. Against the wall from the desk, position several armchairs.

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