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Houston Medical Office Furniture For Sale
August 21, 2015
Houston Medical Office Furniture For Sale

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Styles of Medical Office Furniture

Medical offices choose different furniture styles, depending on the environment of each office. Some offices like to introduce lots of color and different shapes as they welcome patients who may be feeling ill or apprehensive about a possible medical diagnosis.

For waiting areas, the ultimate consideration is comfort. Furniture can be eye-catching and attractive, but if it isn’t comfortable, the patients won’t want to sit and wait on it. In work areas and exam rooms, again, staff members want to be comfortable. The furniture they use has to be adjusted for different heights and functions. Desk surfaces have to be sturdy and at the most comfortable level for nurses and office staff. Filing cabinets have to be attractive and work well.

Medical Office Furniture Benefits

For medical office staff, the main words to consider are ergonomic and ease of use. Exam rooms are small, making it necessary for nurses and techs to move stools and other small furniture quickly, safely and easily. In the reception area, office staff has to move back and forth between interacting with patients, finding their files and looking up information on the computer. Here too, space is at a premium, meaning the furniture here has to perform several functions.

In the waiting area, patients want to be comfortable as they wait to be called to an exam room. The office staff wants to know that, in the event of an accident, the furniture can be easily cleaned and sanitized or sterilized. Small coffee tables can hold magazines for patients to read.

Features of Medical Office Furniture

The furniture used in medical offices should function well, with drawers that open and close easily. Desks should have sufficient storage and filing space. They should be sturdy and able to stand up well under the pressure of several employees using them.

Computer workstations should have sufficient space to hold at least one office worker so they can work together in entering patient information into the electronic database.

Potential Pricing

From waiting area chairs to reception desks, medical practices have to buy everything they use. Armchairs and love seats should cost about $500 while less expensive stack chairs will cost less than $200.

Reception desks run from $1,000 up to about $2,000. Because these pieces will be used for several years, they become an asset for the medical practice. Storage cabinets may cost about $350. Lateral file cabinets are a wise choice for medical offices that don’t have much space. These begin at about $500.

Get Help From Cubiture

Doctors and office managers may not know exactly what they need, but they will know what they want. The experts at Cubiture can help them to make the best choices for their practice.

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Visit Our Office Furniture Showroom Located at 10704 Telge Rd, Houston, TX 77095.

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