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Contemporary Office Cubicles For Sale
August 5, 2015
Contemporary Office Cubicles For Sale

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When company owners and employees think of the “modern office cubicle, “Mad Men” probably comes to mind. Those cubicles were small and unimaginative, created to house workers as they do their assigned work. Owners and managers can unleash their imaginations and be accepting of cubicles made of different types of materials. Color can also add to the visual interest, which may encourage the workers who fill them every day.

Modern Cubicles Can be Exciting

Sure, cubicles can have partitions on both sides, separating their occupants one from another. Business owners and managers can also think about those cubicles that don't have those side partitions.

Instead, the workers sit right next to each other and work within full sight of their desk mates near and far. This enables workers assigned to a common project to confer quietly with each other as they complete assignments and projects.

Color can be a huge factor in today's cubicle offices. These splashes of color can be limited to the filing baskets or it can be a part of the walls to which the cubicles are attached.

Space for office supplies is one of the biggest considerations for workers, managers and owners. These workers have to be able to work on the computer, fill out paperwork, store that paperwork, make and receive phone calls and spread several pieces of paper out as they work. Space is a necessity. Include cups of pens, staplers, tape dispensers and any business manuals the worker uses and it's obvious that a significant amount of real estate will be filled. Finally, some of today's cubicles can have multiple drawers to hold filing and those office supplies.

Different Styles for Different Environments

The company that handles legal work for corporate clients wants to present a different business environment from the tech companies that push the boundaries of the Internet every day. The first company may want cubicles that feature glass or fabric panels, looking more conservative while the tech company can afford to go all-out and get, well, bold.

One company chose a Bubble Desk cubicle that is, quite literally, a glass dome. The dome provides visibility and privacy. For workers who treasure quiet as they work, this could potentially be the perfect work environment. Manager can look in without having to knock on the door, because they can see quite easily that their workers are working.

Quality and Price

The longer office cubicles can last, the better, think managers and owners. This means they spend less money less often to replace something that has worn out or broken down. It's also true that the business gets what it pays for. If they pay bargain basement prices, they'll get bargain basement values and end up replacing poorly made cubicles sooner than they had anticipated.

At a minimum, the owner and manager should budget approximately $500 for high-quality cubicles that will last for several years. Custom-made cubicles will cost quite a bit more, but show their value because they have been made to the specific needs of the company.

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