Modern Office Cubicles For Sale In Houston Texas FR-494

Contemporary Office Cubicles For Sale
August 3, 2015
Contemporary Office Cubicles For Sale

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Office cubicles, also known as modular office space, enable a business owner to design private workstations for employees without having to build permanent walls and make other building renovations. A nicely designed cubicle will provide a worker with a private area, help cut down on office noise and maximize building space.

Cubicle Height Choices

Modern day office cubicles are no longer a simple desk and three-sided wall. A cubicle has become more than just an office partition. The business owner can now choose the height of the cubicle’s walls to fit the office’s decor. In many high pace offices in Silicon Valley, business owners are doing away with the sit-down desk and have opted to have a standing desk only. In such a situation, the need for taller cubicles has become commonplace.

More Square Footage

Historically, most cubicles are 75 square feet or smaller. Many workers throughout the years have complained of feeling cramped or suffocated in such a tiny area, so business owners have started to listen to their employees’ needs. In recent years, cubicles are starting to become larger and roomier. In some situations, two desk cubicles have become common which allow people to work side-by-side as partners or teams.

Window Units

Although some employees enjoy the solitude and privacy that a cubicle affords, supervisors often complain that they cannot easily watch over their employees. To meet the demands of supervisors, cubicles are now being marketed with windows. The windows are often a welcome addition to cubicle units because they also allow natural light from the building’s windows to flow into the various cubicles and create a more relaxing environment. The natural sunlight also enables employees the opportunity to place plants or flowers in their workstations to brighten up the office space, clean interior air and raise overall moral.

Cubicle Materials

Cubicles are now being manufactured from a wide array of materials such as plastics, padded cloth and cork. Padded cloth and cork cubicles help cut away outside noise and create a quieter work-space.

Not Just Square Shaped

In the past, cubicles have always been square boxes, but modern office cubicles are available with curved walls and in oblong shapes. A variety of sizes and shapes exist that now allow cubicles to be installed within the confines of just about any open office space without looking like rows of cubes.

Power Supply

Cubicles are now manufactured with power supplies built in and placed in strategic locations so the cubicles successfully line up to hook together without visible wires or power outlets. Such designs create a functional and aesthetically pleasing office space.

Refurbished Cubicle Options

With the worldwide movement towards being green, cubicles are no longer filling up landfills because business owners have the option of selling their old office cubicles to companies that specialize in refurbishing workstations. At Cubiture, office cubicles are refurbished to look like new units and sold for a fraction of the cost of a new cubicle. Business owners can visit Cubiture’s showroom to look over their many cubicle options at 10704 Telge Rd, Houston, TX 77095, or call us at 713-412-0900.

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