Everything You Need to Know About Telemarketing Cubicles FR-471

Used Telemarketing Cubicles For Sale - Free Office Space Planning Quote, Houston & Spring Branch Texas
August 5, 2015
Used Telemarketing Cubicles For Sale - Free Office Space Planning Quote, Houston & Spring Branch Texas

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Telemarketing companies shouldn’t forget about their employees’ comfort even as they are working to ensure that everyone meets or exceeds their daily quotas. When workers meet or exceed their quotas, the company brings money in. If the workers aren’t comfortable at their workstations, they won’t find it too easy to meet quotas assigned by their supervisors. Instead, they’ll be feeling distracted as they try to adjust chair height and computer placement.

Hallmarks of a Good Telemarketing Cubicle

Every telemarketing cubicle workstation should have room for a phone, monitor and computer. Telemarketers also have to have sufficient space remaining in their cubicles so they can rest forms or notepads and take notes.

If the telemarketer is required to generate and save hard copies such as orders or change orders, he’ll have to have a place to store his paperwork. Here, overhead bins or built-in filing cabinets will enable him to neatly store his paperwork so he’s able to find it when needed. Telemarketing cubicles are just about the ideal space in which to place employees as they do their work. The estimated footprint of a cubicle is under 20 feet, making it possible for the telemarketing company to place several dozen cubicles.

If telemarketers are requesting personal information, they have to be able to keep other telemarketers from overhearing what they are talking about.

Selection and Price

Company owners have a wide selection of the different telemarketer’s cubicles from which to choose. These range from three and one-half feet to five and one-half feet tall, giving workers varying privacy and sound climates.

Most cubicles will be about 4×2 feet wide, enabling the worker to settle in and move easily around her space as she works. Other cubicles are a little bit deeper, which allows the worker to have a little more space between her and workers or supervisors who are walking down the aisle in between rows of cubicles. If any of these workers like to lean back as they talk on the phone or work, this can affect safety. Leaning back in a shallower cubicle can pose a safety hazard to both the worker in the cubicle and the person trying to walk past.

Cubicles marketed for telemarketers are some of the smallest and most basic workstations designed and built. As such, these workstations will cost much less than cubicles built for employees who, because of their job duties, require more work space.

Look at Build Quality and Style

Some companies choose to buy the least expensive cubicles because several shifts of workers will fill them throughout the day. Beyond an expectation for sturdiness and its ability to hold the required pieces of office equipment, they don’t have to be made of polished wood, nor do they need to have glass partitions to separate workers from each other.

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